Are you looking for some inspiration on how to decorate, organize or develop your studio?  Or are you just curious where your favorite creatives make their goodies?!  Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the following {studio sunday} features.  So, take a look around and let me know what you think!

SquidWhale Designs | Elizabeth is the talent behind SquidWhale Designs.  Her studio is located in an art district outside of her home, which allows her the opportinuity to collaborate and network with other creatives in her area.  After her feature, she told me that she was able to move into a larger studio in the same building.  Maybe we can have an update?!

Lauren Holgate | Lauren currently lives in Denmark!  Her studio is inspiring because it’s in her studio apartment.  She shows us how even the smallest space can have a lot to offer if you know how to organize.

Kathryn Vercillo | Kathryn crochets and writes.  In fact, she has a couple of books out on the mental and physical benefits of chrocheting.  Her studio is located in her apartment and it pretty much flows from room to room.

Chrissy Sparks | Chrissy lives here in Colorado with me.  Although we have never met in person, we’ve been chatting a bunch and hope to meet soon.  Anyhoo, her studio is located in her home.  She has everything that she needs to paint, right at her fingertips.

Bird Trouble pt.2 | Alexz is back with her second {studio sunday} feature!  She’s upgraded and moved to a larger space since we saw her here last.  She has more space and freedom in her new studio to make her lovely bags.

IKnow Clothing | Isabel’s studio is located in her home and it’s one of the most charming spaces you could dream of.  Tucked away in Devon, England, Isabel is able sew up her beautiful dresses to share with the world.

The Persian Laundry | Emma makes lined envelopes and her glitter lined ones are my fave!  Her studio is nestled up in a well-lit room in her parents home.  I love the large white plantation shutters and her work table in the middle of the room is great!

papernstitch | Brittni is the mastermind behind the handmade exhibition site, papernstitch.  She just moved to a brand new in-home space, so she let us peek into her bright and cheery studio while she settles in.  I really love the lighting in her space and the crisp and clean feel.  It seems like a perfect place to get some work done.

Deer Little Fawn | Bethan has a sweet and gently lit studio to create her watercolor illustrations.  I really like the comfy and cozy feel of her space.  It’s perfect for an in-home studio.

Willow + Co. | Christa has an amazing space to create in!  She has a garage door that opens up to outside and she’s über organized.  I love how she used shelves to break up the large space and she color coordinates everything.  So come see where she creates all of her lovely iPod, Kindle, and laptop cases.

Kate Garielle | You know her by her playful Flapper Doodle drawings and her lovely blog, Scathingly Brilliant.  Her studio may be small, but it’s so relaxed and has everything that she needs.  The pastel colors combined with her unique style make it her own and will inspire you to use the space that you have without excuses.

Twinkie Chan | Her studio is a bright and cheery room in her San Fransisco home.  Between the yolk-colored walls and the massive amount of brightly colored yarn, she can stay happy as she works with everything at her finger-tips.  Twinkie is 100% original and she encourages you to do the same.  P.S. Her crochet faux food items make me hungry…

Becky Kemp | Becky is the creative behind and her studio has some amazing natural light (so jealous), set with an inspiration corner, photo area and work space.  Her home studio is set in the beautiful southeast of England where she can create all day long.

Jordan Grace Owens | Her home studio is a fairly new one set in a beautiful A-frame.  She relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia in May of 2012.  There she creates her “paper dolls and candy colored paintings” with plenty of space to spare.  She even has a door to the backyard when she needs a break.

Rebecca Caridad | Rebecca is the woman behind Manzanita, or little apple.  Her home studio is located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado (about 30 min. NW of me!).  There she creates her crochet head-pieces, hats, scarves and more.  Her and her hubby have future plans for her space, so we’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Sam Wish | Sam’s home studio is complete with a large window, an inspiration wall and a mini photo studio that her dad built.  She sells handmade, vintage and upcycled clothing, accessories and home decor.  So, she’s a pretty busy lady.

Lady Like | Diana and Kristy are a mother + daughter duo who make crochet headbands, scarves, and cowls.  Their studio is more for storage than actual working, and I love that they aren’t afraid to say that!  The couch is the perfect place to crochet.

Polka Dots Are Love | Charlie is the creative behind Polka Dots Are Love and she has a big green studio!  Her home studio gives her the space that she needs to create her beautiful earrings and such.  I particularly enjoy the vintage feel of her space.

Flapper Girl | Christine is the lady behind Flapper Girl and you may know her best for her Lady Ties.  Her studio sits nestled in her apartment where she designs, sews and dreams up big ideas.  She hopes to have a studio outside of her home one day, but until then, hers is just fine.

Roots + Feathers | Laura creates jewelry in her cozy home studio.  The focal point in her studio is the shelf that her dad built for her, which holds trinkets that remind her of her parents.  She has created a studio that she can feel at home in, and this contributes to her successful creations.

Doe A Deer | Alejandra creates her accessories for women and their pups in her home studio which consists of her living + dining rooms.  I love that!  (While in college, I actually had my studio in the dining room.)  She proves that you can work with what you have if you want something bad enough.

Paper Crave | You know Kristen from Paper Crave!  She creates all of her goodies in her home studio.  She transformed a second bedroom into a clean and crisp place to work.  She plans on adding more color in the future, but until then, she’s working away and doing what she loves.

Crafty Minx | Dana Beach, from Crafty Minx, works in what used to be the laundry room.  It was converted to a pink and fabulous studio with vintage touches and allows her to house all of her creative tools.

Olivia Mew | She lives and works in Montreal, where she draws, sews and sells vintage clothing.  Her studio is in her apartment and it’s attached to her bedroom.  I love her minimalistic approach here, because she keeps it clean and that makes it easier to think.

 Jenni Medina | She crafts in her three-bedroom condo in Orange County California.  She surrounds herself with her projects, tools and everything owls.  She loves owls!

Bird Trouble | Alexz creates her amazingly unique bags in her home studio, which is located in Chicago, Illinois.  Her studio is in a corner of her bedroom and it packs a punch!  I recently heard that she has a new studio, so maybe we can get an update one of these days.

Strumpets Crumpets | You may know Becky Farley from both her blog and OhStrumpets!  Her home studio is located in sunny Florida, where she crochets, sews and embroiders all sorts of fun goodies.  Oh, and don’t forget her little helper, Eli, even gets in on the action.

Kellie Coughlin | She’s a Denver-based photographer, that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Although she’s out and about meeting with clients and taking photos, she still works from her studio a lot.  There she takes photos, edits and schedules events.  I just love how clean and spacious her studio is!

Shimelle | You may know Shimelle by the scrapbooking magic that she creates!  She lives and works in a postwar flat in London, which must be so fun.  I love how her papers, buttons and other embellishments all have their place in this bright and lively room.