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{studio sunday} with Alexz of Bird Trouble // pt.2

The Holidays are here in full force and it’s getting to be a little overwhelming in these parts.  How about for you?  Well, if you’re in need of a little mental break like I am, here’s a very special {studio sunday} for you to escape in.  It’s extra special because, this is a studio update feature.  That’s right, we’ve seen this lovely lady on here before, and you can see her old studio here.  She has since moved and updated her studio, so lets dive into our first studio update, shall we?!


Hey everyone! I’m the designer and one-woman-show behind Bird Trouble. My name is Alexz and this is my second time here on the Chickiedee blog – but things have changed a lot since. I currently finished reinventing my studio space and welcomed Bird Trouble to a new websiteAll of this refreshing is keeping me sane during this busy Holiday ordering season. I’m anticipating 2013 because I have a ton planned for Bird Trouble and I’m working on a new Lookbook – this is just the beginning!


1. Alexz, I’m so excited to have you back for a studio update!  Last time we peeked into your space you made all of your bags in your bedroom, what’s changed since?

I’m excited to be back! It’s fun to see how much better my space is haha. So much has changed! About a year ago, I moved into my apartment that I share with two roommates. We are just walking distance from Lake Michigan here in Chicago. It’s great.


2. Is it still located in your home, or elsewhere?

Now a days, I’m still making bags in my bedroom, but I technically have two bedrooms that I keep separated. They’re connected to each other at the front of the apartment – and once served as the sun room. It’s pretty large too! I’m lucky because it is much, much better.


3. What’s your favorite part of your new space?  Is there anything that you miss from your last studio?

I don’t really miss anything from my old space! Honestly – it was too cramped. I would never go back! My favorite part about my new space is the natural light and the cement floor.


4. What have you taken from your last studio and how did you make it better?

I took all of my furniture from the old place to use it here. I was able to spread everything out more while giving me room to add new pieces. I brought in my drafting table from my parents’ house that I’ve had since I was a child. I love it.


5. I know you spend hours in your studio, so what keeps you inspired and motivated?

Motivation to work is easy for me. I’m a workaholic. It’s being inspired that sometimes ends up sucking. I turn off the movies and put on some music – mostly music that can just linger, or recently a lot of Aerosmith. I read my favorite blogs and small business owners. Beca from Tumbleweeds Sunglasses always inspires me. I also like to go for walks right when I wake up. Having a dog helps with this, but anyone can do it. Your mind is still waking up in the morning and it’s the perfect time to surprise yourself with your own thoughts. An easy thing – I follow artists/artisans who inspire me on Instagram or Tumblr  and I go through it, even for just a minute, each day.


6. Do you have any organizational tips to share?

I write down everything! I’m kind of neurotic about it but I know it works with my jumpy thoughts. I carry around a notebook and a very nice pen with me at all times, in case an idea or a thought to remember comes to me. I also like to make lists of goals for the next day, in life or in Bird Trouble. I use a planner more of less religiously and I keep it on my computer desk so that I look at it every time. I don’t use my phone or computer for planning myself because I find paper & pen easier and way better looking.


7. Lastly, how does your boyfriend, Ty and Detective Bacon Cheeseburger like the new space?!

Oh man! This is the best part. My boyfriend now lives in a different part of Chicago. I’m enjoying my own space and my own time but we’ve talked about moving in with each other in a year or more. Ty loves his new home and loves it this close to the lake. Detective actually found a new home with a friend of ours, and I hear through the grape vine that she’s a happy little chubster now! 😉


Alexz, thank you so much for taking the time to share your new and exciting studio!  I’m so happy that you’ve been able to expand your workspace to create bigger and better things.  I can’t wait to see what you make next.  Thank you for being my first ever studio update, it was so fun!  I just love to see other creatives moving forward with what they love.


Be sure to visit Alexz: Blog | Shop | {studio sunday} pt.1

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