Aug, 13

{Life Lately} Week 14


This post is a bit late since we left on vacation right after this walk-through.  Week 14 brought little change, but it did bring some progress.  The roof is nearly complete, which is pretty exciting, because that means that the front of the house will be done soon!


They did start to add more of the electrical work and gas hook-ups, too.  Things are rounding out nicely and in the next post I’ll share a bit about our Electrical walk-through with the home-builder representatives and contractors.  Things are going to pick up speed real soon.  Oh, and we have a Closing Date scheduled!  More to come on that in the next post.

Jul, 13

{Life Lately} Week 13


So it’s week 13 already and things have slowed down a bit on the house.  I’m thinking it’s because of all of the rain and moisture that we’ve been having lately.  Usually July is dry and hot here in Colorado, but this summer we’ve been wet and cooler than the norm.  I can’t complain though, because we need the moisture with all of the fire danger here.  Although not a lot was done, a few things were worked on.  We have our window shutters sitting in the garage waiting to be put up as well as the stairs from the garage to the house.


They did start to run some wire from the switches, outlets and light pods, but they still have a long way to go.


Above is a better shot of our tub that they put in last week.  I’m pretty excited to have a tub and shower separate from each other!


Oh!  And I was thrilled to see that the four extra windows that Ron ordered for me, are starting to be cut!  Natural light is a must for me and I’m so thankful for Ron adding these for me.  I’ll have some added upstairs and downstairs!


And in the basement, they’ve started to frame the doorway, as well as put in the furnace.

wk13-10We hoped to see more progress, but some is better than none.  Oh, they did start to put the roofing on, too.  The weather strip is on and the shingles are starting to go up.  I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Jul, 13

Big things are brewing for the Roblin’s


For the past month now, I’ve been working on a new project for my Roblin’s.  I’ve been working so hard, that I filled up my last idea book, so I had to go to the store and buy a new one last night.  I’m really excited about this project and want to share more, but I need to wait.  I need to wait until it all comes together.  It will be wrapped up and ready to roll this Fall, so I’ll update you along the way.  Until then, I’ll keep working hard.

On another note, the house is still progressing.  I’m excited to see what’s new this Sunday, and don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share!  I’m curious what’ll be next.  Will the outside be close to done, or will they have focused their efforts inside?  The excitement is almost too much to handle!

Jul, 13

{Life Lately} week 12


It’s week 12 of the build already.  Things are continuing to progress at a steady rate.  This week we were able to see the moisture barrier and siding go up, as well as the electrical casings.  So, we are able to visualize where each light switch and outlet will be.  This phase and the next are where our pictures will come in handy for future reference, because we’ll know where every stud is and where the wires are running.  It’s just a good thing to know.


This is my view from the Kitchen nook looking towards the front entry.


The secondary bathroom upstairs already has the tub installed, so I imagine that the plumbing will follow here in the next few weeks.  Our jacuzzi tub and shower are also installed in the master bath!  I can’t wait!


Gotta love my braces in this photo.  That’s also a work in progress!  haha  As always, thanks for sharing in this adventure with us.

Jul, 13

{Life Lately} Weeks 10 + 11


Last Sunday (July 7th) was our official 10 week mark of the build.  When we drove up we were happy to see that the roof was on, the rest of the plywood was put up and the front porch is starting to take shape.  Ron and I are particularly excited about the front porch, because my grand parents had one and they used it every-single-day!  We hope to carry on this little tradition together.  Ron will sip lemonade, while I sip on some sweet tea as we decompress on those cool Summer evenings.  I can’t wait!


Ron was showing me where he’ll put all of his tools and man-toys.  Adorable, right?!


Ron fits nicely in the fireplace, don’t you think?


Well, that wraps up week 10.  See week 11 below…


Week 11 has brought us windows, the front door, the start of the duct work and the completed frame for our front porch over-hang.


It looks like they’ll be starting on the stone work soon, too.


Oh, and the fireplace is in! … well, sort of (*sigh*).  We’re so excited to have a fireplace again.  We haven’t had one in 7 years and in Colorado, it’s a must!


This is the start to our master bath.


Okay, see that little metal piece?  It’s best know as a dryer wall box, and I’m stoked to have one!  It prevents your dryer ducts from getting smashed when you want your dryer flush with the wall.  Our last home didn’t have one, and the dryer stuck out a whole foot from the wall.  Boo!  Needless to say, it’s the little things in life…  I’m on cloud nine.

We’re seeing more progress each week and hope to have a closing date nailed down very soon.  Within the next month or so we should know.

Jul, 13

{Life Lately} week 9


This past Saturday we ventured over to Arizona Tile in Denver to pick out our granite slabs for our countertops.  What an adventure!  Their warehouse is huge, complete with a breathtaking gallery and massive warehouse that extends out to a huge courtyard.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  We had to wear cute little hard hats for safety reasons, but I have to admit, if one of those slabs fell on me – well, let’s just say that I would need more than a hard-hat.  Eek!  We chose the Barcelona because the coloring and pattern was clean and even.  It’s going to look wonderful paired with our dark espresso cabinets and floors.


After we chose our granite countertops, we grabbed some lunch, ran a few errands and then went to go see the progress of the house.  We usually go on Sundays, but after leaving Arizona Tile, we were just too excited to wait!  The top story is framed and more walls are starting to take shape.  I found our front door in the garage, and hope to see it up soon!  I forgot what color it’ll be painted, but I don’t think it will stay that tan color.  It also looks like they plan to put in the staircases this week, too, so I look forward to see that!


Jun, 13

{Life Lately} Week 8

This is our future staircase… a bit dangerous at the moment, but it should be in soon.  I’m hoping by this week.
And the pantry is located perfectly in the corner of our kitchen.  I’m so excited to stock it up for the winter!
Here is a view of the staircase from the basement.
Wow, I can’t believe that we are already into week 8 into the build.  It’s amazing to see the house go from a hole in the ground to having the main floor framed.  We still have a long road ahead of us, but we are well on our way to our new home.  Smiling from ear to ear.  In other news, I’ve been managing to squeeze in some more social time with friends and family.  I get so caught up in work, that I have to remind myself to go play once in a while.  This week I’ve met an old and lovely friend for coffee, had a mom-daughter night, had a father-daughter night, and have a girls night planned with some lovely gal-pals.  I’m so blessed by the people in my life.  Next week I plan to get busy and work my tail off again, so I’m enjoying this time off.  How has your first week of Summer been treating you?

Jun, 13

{Life Lately} Weeks 6 + 7

Weeks 6 + 7 of the build have come and gone so fast.  I haven’t seen tremendous progress from week 6 to week 7, but I know it’s coming along fine.  The garden level basement is being framed, along with the floor boards for the main floor.  Above is a view of the north side of the house.

And here is a view of the back of the house.  Can you see those nice big garden-level windows?
Although not the best quality of iPhone photos at times, I love that we’ve been taking a picture together each week!
Pulling up last Sunday (week 7) we found our two staircases laying in the front yard.  We also noticed that all three fences are up now, too.
I know we’re going to love the 9-ft ceilings in the basement!  Ron plans to put a dojo down there to train, while I have plans for a lighting studio.
When we go back this Sunday for week 8, I hope to see even more progress!  Oh, and we got the call to go to the gallery to pick out our granite countertop slabs – complete with hard-hats and all!!!  We hope to do that this coming week, so I’ll share when we go.

Jun, 13

Work With What You Have


As I was packing last week, I was thinking about how I’ll adapt my blogging and crafting to my new atmosphere.  The majority of my studio is packed into boxes and stored away, including my lighting kits, supplies and desks (yes, I have more than one – ha!).  I’ve made a plan to pack everything from my studio in the front of the storage unit, so if I need something, I can easily access it.  Originally I wanted to take my entire studio to my dad’s house, but later decided that it would be better to keep things as simple as possible.  I have all of my computers, Wacom tablet, and cameras with me so that I can continue blogging – of course.  I’m guessing that this experience will make me be even more creative and force me to work with what I have.

Now that I’m settled, I plan to focus more on blogging both about Chickiedee and this new adventure that we’re on.  Ron and I have made it a Sunday tradition to go and visit our new home site.  Why Sunday, you ask?  Well, we signed on the house on Sunday May 5th – Cinco de Mayo!  We took our first photos of the site right after signing and have been back every Sunday since to capture the progress.  Within the first week it went from a shallow dirt hole to a concrete foundation.  Two Sundays ago they filled in the large holes around the foundation and filled the garage floor with dirt.  This last Sunday they laid the pipes and filled in the garage floor and basement with concrete.  Then I snuck over on Wednesday and saw the framing supplies in the front yard!!! It’s making progress.

I’m also excited to work on a few projects that I’ve had to put on hold when we started this new house venture.  One is just about ready to launch with the exception of a few minor details.  It was scheduled to launch in April, but when the house selling and buying fiasco picked up faster than expected; I chose to push the launch date.  I didn’t want to launch knowing that it wasn’t completely ready.  Quality is the most important part.  I’ll give you a hint on what it is: it’s a website that once was private and now will be open to the creative small business community.  Are you excited?!  I know I am!

Jun, 13

{Life Lately} Week 5

Week5 2

Well, we’re wrapping up week 5 on the home building process.  I drove by this week to find all of the framing materials out front.  How exciting!  I’m hoping when I go check it out this Sunday that the framing will have already started.  It’s pretty exciting to watch the process, but it makes me wish it was built so that we can move in already!