Mar, 13

Our Cozy Little Nook


Wow, it’s been cold here in Colorado, and because of that I’ve been keeping busy with home projects.  I recently transformed our bedroom nook into a cozy and peaceful reading and work area.  This space was meant for something like this, because it’s tucked away in the corner – the perfect escape.  I used to use this space as my sewing area, but decided to switch things up a bit so that my husband can enjoy the space, too.  I’ve been planning this for some time now and the cold snap just gave me the boost I needed to follow through.


For Christmas, Ron gave me a giant bean bag and it fits perfectly in our new space.  Then I purchased 4 sets of sheer curtains, white sheets, two tension rods and some sparkly lights to finish it off.  With the bean bag and everything here, it cost about $200 to complete.  I plan on making tiny pillowcases, for the tiny pillows, out of scrap fabric that I have lying around.  I’ll post a little {diy} soon.  Oooo… and maybe a scrap quilt, too!


Oh!  A couple of weekends ago the hubby and I found that little green suitcase at an antique shop near Denver for $14!  It’s in excellent condition and just needed a quick wipe down.  Well, it actually didn’t even need to be wiped down, but I’m a bit of a germ and dirt freak, so I did it anyway.  It holds all of my current idea books, sketchbooks and pens perfectly.  The blue case below is full to the brim with magazines that I need to catchup on, sheesh!


I’m really happy how this space turned out and it was so easy!  If you’ve been in the mood to create a fun fort or magical corner in your home, I highly recommend it!

4 Responses to “Our Cozy Little Nook”

  1. Daina

    What a cozy little space! I love that suitcase, and am jealous that you found it for such an amazing deal! Loving the new site 🙂

    • RobbieLee

      Thanks so much, Daina! The new nook and site, both, have given me the jump that I need to invest more time into the site. I was in a bit of a slump for a while. hahaha


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