May, 13

So Much To Do


Oh boy, we only have two weeks to pack and move out of our house.  I can’t believe it!  Thankfully when we staged our home to sell, we packed a lot of little things.  This should make moving seem a bit easier, right?  When we packed the first half, we bought a ton of totes, which makes moving so easy.  We need to go buy more totes and possibly gather up a few freebie-boxes, too.  I haven’t been able to find any free boxes online, so it must be moving season.  Any good tips on where to look?  The thing that I’m most worried about is our furniture.  I like HUGE furniture, and it’s going to be difficult to move… and store.

It’s estimated that it will take anywhere from 4-6 months to complete the build of our new home.  This means that we will be between homes for a short time.  It’s going to be a change, that’s for sure, but it’s an adventure!  It’s really the best time to do this, because we don’t have kids in-tow… just three squirrely animals.  Ha!

Needless to say, I have a lot to do right now.  It will all get done – I just have to hold strong to that thought.  What new is going on in your life?

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