Jul, 13

Playhouse Restoration Project


Yesterday my brother, mom, hubby and I all pitched in to start on restoring my childhood playhouse.  We were chatting about it last night and we think we bought it in the summer of 1992.  That summer was an expensive summer for me.  With the help of my mom and my savings we bought the Tuff Shed playhouse, paint, carpet and my dog China!  That’s a lot for an 8-year-old!  I’ll share the before and after photos when we’re done – hopefully sometime next week.  This playhouse went through me and my friends and then was passed down to my brother and his friends, so it’s seen some better days.  We’re thrilled to be restoring it to its former glory.  It’s getting a good scrub down, a fresh coat of paint and new furniture.  The painting should be wrapped up next week sometime and then we plan to take on the inside little by little.  I’m so excited that we’re making this a family project!

Jun, 13


I just wanted to give a shout out to my amazing momma.  She’s truly the most loving, generous and talented woman that I know.  She makes me laugh harder each time and I enjoy all of our mother-daughter days together.  It’s an amazing feeling to have someone who understands you – completely.  And I can tell her anything!  I love you momma, and thank you for being your lovely self! ksks (haha we were blowing kisses to my brother in this picture while he was on a mini vacation.  I’m sure we embarassed him!)

Jun, 13

We Went Caaamping

This past weekend we went camping at Green Mountain Reservior, near Silverthorn, CO and it sure does live up to it’s name.  We camped, fished and took the boat out on the lake.
I loved that this stream came right through our campsite.  I have to admit, Ron and I both had nightmares the first night of us getting flooded out, but all was good after that.  The sound of the stream constantly flowing made me so happy.
Ron caught a 12 inch trout the first day, but glady released it back into the wild lake because he knows my love for animals.  I grew up fishing, but can’t do it anymore.  I cry when they are caught and swollow the hook.  This little fellow was hooked in his lip, so it was easy to let him go.  Ron only keeps them if they can’t be saved.  I’m so happy that this little guy could be released – isn’t he the cutest?!
I stuck to the caterpillers and butterflies…
I had to share this picture.  I was using my iPhone as a mirror (like any modern gal would), when Ron quickly snapped a photo.  I love it!  We returned on Sunday to spend Father’s Day with my pops.  It was a lovely weekend and we hope to take the pups next time.  How about you, any summer camping trips planned?

Jun, 13

{Life Lately} Weeks 6 + 7

Weeks 6 + 7 of the build have come and gone so fast.  I haven’t seen tremendous progress from week 6 to week 7, but I know it’s coming along fine.  The garden level basement is being framed, along with the floor boards for the main floor.  Above is a view of the north side of the house.

And here is a view of the back of the house.  Can you see those nice big garden-level windows?
Although not the best quality of iPhone photos at times, I love that we’ve been taking a picture together each week!
Pulling up last Sunday (week 7) we found our two staircases laying in the front yard.  We also noticed that all three fences are up now, too.
I know we’re going to love the 9-ft ceilings in the basement!  Ron plans to put a dojo down there to train, while I have plans for a lighting studio.
When we go back this Sunday for week 8, I hope to see even more progress!  Oh, and we got the call to go to the gallery to pick out our granite countertop slabs – complete with hard-hats and all!!!  We hope to do that this coming week, so I’ll share when we go.

Jun, 13

Work With What You Have


As I was packing last week, I was thinking about how I’ll adapt my blogging and crafting to my new atmosphere.  The majority of my studio is packed into boxes and stored away, including my lighting kits, supplies and desks (yes, I have more than one – ha!).  I’ve made a plan to pack everything from my studio in the front of the storage unit, so if I need something, I can easily access it.  Originally I wanted to take my entire studio to my dad’s house, but later decided that it would be better to keep things as simple as possible.  I have all of my computers, Wacom tablet, and cameras with me so that I can continue blogging – of course.  I’m guessing that this experience will make me be even more creative and force me to work with what I have.

Now that I’m settled, I plan to focus more on blogging both about Chickiedee and this new adventure that we’re on.  Ron and I have made it a Sunday tradition to go and visit our new home site.  Why Sunday, you ask?  Well, we signed on the house on Sunday May 5th – Cinco de Mayo!  We took our first photos of the site right after signing and have been back every Sunday since to capture the progress.  Within the first week it went from a shallow dirt hole to a concrete foundation.  Two Sundays ago they filled in the large holes around the foundation and filled the garage floor with dirt.  This last Sunday they laid the pipes and filled in the garage floor and basement with concrete.  Then I snuck over on Wednesday and saw the framing supplies in the front yard!!! It’s making progress.

I’m also excited to work on a few projects that I’ve had to put on hold when we started this new house venture.  One is just about ready to launch with the exception of a few minor details.  It was scheduled to launch in April, but when the house selling and buying fiasco picked up faster than expected; I chose to push the launch date.  I didn’t want to launch knowing that it wasn’t completely ready.  Quality is the most important part.  I’ll give you a hint on what it is: it’s a website that once was private and now will be open to the creative small business community.  Are you excited?!  I know I am!

Jun, 13

{Life Lately} Week 5

Week5 2

Well, we’re wrapping up week 5 on the home building process.  I drove by this week to find all of the framing materials out front.  How exciting!  I’m hoping when I go check it out this Sunday that the framing will have already started.  It’s pretty exciting to watch the process, but it makes me wish it was built so that we can move in already!

May, 13

House Closing

{Dining Room // I’m going to miss our metallic gold stripes!}

{Backdoor // You can’t see Brutus, but all three of them had one last run in the old back yard before we left.}

{Kitchen // Our kitchen was small, but got the job done…}

{Stairs + Front Door // Well, not much to say about them… they did their job.  haha!}

{Hallway // Ron’s office was to the left, my studio in the middle and the laundry room to the right.  The bathroom is out of view.  I loved how open the hall was.}

{Master Doors // I will miss the open-feel of our old french doors.  They were the best!}

{Master // Our master bedroom was HUGE!  We actually got pretty spoiled and found it very difficult to find one that even compared in size.}

{Master Nook // This is probably one of the hardest things to let go.  Our cozy little nook was one of my favorite places to be.  I’m sad that I didn’t get more time there, but I do have photos to look back on.}

{Front // With a freshly painted exterior.}

Monday at 10:08pm, we packed up the last of our things, loaded up the pets and drove away from our old home.  I took one last round of photos and we called it a night.  What a bittersweet feeling.  We’ve spent the last 7 years (nearly to the day) of our lives in this house and it was our home.  So many great memories were built here and each one will be with us forever.

Tuesday at 4pm, we closed on our house and it is officially sold.  I had no idea that our old home would sell so fast, but I’m relieved that it did. We met the buyer and he seems great.  I’m sure he will love it just as much as we did, if not more.

We can now check this off of our list and wait anxiously for our new one to be built.  The countdown has already begun.  But in the meantime, we are nesting with my dad and we are so grateful to have a roof over our heads for the next few months.


May, 13

So Much To Do


Oh boy, we only have two weeks to pack and move out of our house.  I can’t believe it!  Thankfully when we staged our home to sell, we packed a lot of little things.  This should make moving seem a bit easier, right?  When we packed the first half, we bought a ton of totes, which makes moving so easy.  We need to go buy more totes and possibly gather up a few freebie-boxes, too.  I haven’t been able to find any free boxes online, so it must be moving season.  Any good tips on where to look?  The thing that I’m most worried about is our furniture.  I like HUGE furniture, and it’s going to be difficult to move… and store.

It’s estimated that it will take anywhere from 4-6 months to complete the build of our new home.  This means that we will be between homes for a short time.  It’s going to be a change, that’s for sure, but it’s an adventure!  It’s really the best time to do this, because we don’t have kids in-tow… just three squirrely animals.  Ha!

Needless to say, I have a lot to do right now.  It will all get done – I just have to hold strong to that thought.  What new is going on in your life?

May, 13

Mother’s Day Weekend


How was your Mother’s Day Weekend?  Mine was wonderful!  My momma and I started it off strong with the Spring Horseshoe Market in Denver on Saturday.  It was so busy and wonderful to see so many of you there.  We didn’t get to take as many photos as we wanted to, but we were able to snap a few iPhone ones.  We got caught in a strong 30-second wind and dust storm, but came out okay.  Then the rain held off until 10 minutes after closing, then it was a down-pour.  We came out okay with little damage to our things, but not all of the vendors can say the same.  My mom was so smart and brought plastic sheets and shower curtains, and we moved everything to the center of the canopy, covered it with plastic and dropped the top of the canopy down to the ground and waited it out.  Once the rain passed, we loaded up and headed home.

Then Sunday morning I called my momma to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, then Ron and I drove down to Parker, CO to see the model of what our new home will look like.  Then we met my mom and brother for some fabulous vegan food and Froyo.  It was a lovely day!  Such great company and lots of laughs.  My mother is the strongest and most caring woman who I’ve ever known.  I hope to be that strong and loving one day.  There is never a day that goes by that she doesn’t tell us that she loves us.  It means the world to me to have her as my mother.  Mom, thank you for all that you are and all that you do.  You are a blessing in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am without you.  I love you to the moon and back.  xoxo Reebies

May, 13

We Made A Big Decision

Yesterday Ron and I made the decision to buy a new home!  As you know, we’ve toggled back and forth for quite a bit and we finally decided that a new home best fit our current needs.  Now, nothing’s final until it’s final, but we did sign the contract yesterday and everything is contingent on the successful closing with the buyers of our current house, so we just have to wait and see.

This is a photo of where our house will be in about 5-6 months.  It’s a long wait, but it will be worth it.  It’s just a hole in the ground now, but it will be exciting to see the process of it being built.  I can’t wait to share more progress photos along the way.

It’s so crazy how different it was when we bought our first home nearly 7 years ago.  We were still in college and moving from a one-bedroom apartment in south Denver to a three-bedroom home in the suburbs, just north of Denver.  When we first saw our current home, we just knew that this was the place that we wanted to be.  It was perfect!  All of our belongings fit in one medium-sized U-Haul truck and we moved right in.  The last 7 years in this home have been amazing!  I’m really going to miss everything about it, especially being able to view the fireworks from our back yard every 4th of July.  We do plan on growing our family one day, and we’re out-growing this home, so we needed to find something larger.  This time around, finding a new home wasn’t as easy.  We had higher expectations and didn’t want to compromise too much.  We need a certain amount of space to fit our needs.  Our first house was easy – it was larger than our apartment and it had a garage and a yard – perfect!  Now, we expect to have those things, along with other things, like more bedrooms, a third floor, a third garage, a larger backyard for the pups and a formal dining room for entertaining.  It will also be nice to be able to customize this home before we move in.

Again, nothing is set in stone, but it’s an exciting start to this adventure none-the-less!