Jun, 13


I just wanted to give a shout out to my amazing momma.  She’s truly the most loving, generous and talented woman that I know.  She makes me laugh harder each time and I enjoy all of our mother-daughter days together.  It’s an amazing feeling to have someone who understands you – completely.  And I can tell her anything!  I love you momma, and thank you for being your lovely self! ksks (haha we were blowing kisses to my brother in this picture while he was on a mini vacation.  I’m sure we embarassed him!)

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  1. mom

    Awe Shucks! You are so sweet!
    I’m so blessed to have a wonderful family, true friends,good life,lots of laughs, quality time for all the joys and loves in my life. I live each day with a full cup.
    You, Aaron and Ron are my daily blessings! ksks
    Life is good!

    • RobbieLee

      You’re the cutest! Thank you for being such a huge support for us. We will always be here for you, as you are for us. Many blessings, indeed. I love you! ksks

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