Dec, 13

8th Annual Cookie Swap


Another wonderful Cookie Swap wrapped up today.  I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful ladies in my life that make this event happen each year.  We had a solid 12 participants this year, can you believe it?!  Since there were so many, we decided to make a 1/2 dozen for each person, rather than a full dozen.  That seemed to work out nicely.  My mom was so sweet and surprised me with a cookie recipe book for my hostess gift.  I’ve already started browsing through the pages in search of next years recipe.  I can’t wait!



Now I’m going to go and eat one of every cookie, so if you’ll excuse me… haha!

Jul, 13

One Lucky Gal

Ron 7-7-13

I really am one lucky gal.  Ron is an amazing person; so strong, loyal, and loving.  It’s the little things that he does that makes me fall in love with him more each day.  He sees my family as his family and is always there to help them with whatever it might be.  From mowing the lawn to painting the house, you name it and he does it.  I can’t express how much this means to me.  He’s a blessing in my daily life and I’m pleased to call myself his wife.  It’s fitting that I share this on the 10th of the month, because Ron and I became “official” on April 10th, 2003.  So, on the 10th of each month we take a moment to look back on what we’ve accomplished together, as well as look forward to what’s next.  I love you!


Apr, 13

10 Years Ago…


… Ron and I became inseparable.  I’ll never forget the moment we met and the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend, on April 10th, 2003.  It meant so much that he asked and didn’t just assume.  We have always known where we stood with each other.

I’ve always been a romantic and thought it would be amazing to meet my soul mate in high school, marry and live happily ever after.  After graduation and no worthy candidate came along, I figured I wasn’t that lucky and I would probably find love later in life.  Fast forward a few months to 3rd Quarter at DU and there he was.  Handsome, smart, kind, funny and most of all loving.  I was lucky enough to marry my college sweetheart 5 years after meeting.  We were engaged early on in our relationship, but knew that we had to finish school first.  And it all worked out perfectly.

We’ve grown so much together in the past 10 years.  We were just kids when we met and have since traveled the world and built a life together.  I can honestly say that I fall in love with him more as the years go by.  He’s so strong, committed, noble and supportive.  He supports my dreams just as much as I support his.  He never makes me feel like my goals are out of reach; he encourages me to push harder.  He’s an amazing provider as well, and will make a wonderful father someday.

It’s really the little day-to-day things that mean the most.  No joke, since the day we met, he has opened all of my doors for me, including the car door – every.single.time.  He still continues to do so and it makes me feel so cared for.  I also love how he comes home after work as I’m making dinner and he helps finish up.  He never sits down as I cook.  I love the help, but most of all I love that we do it together.

The past 10 years have been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the next ten will bring.  Happy 10th (dating) anni, Love.  I love you!

Mar, 13

Brace Face

BraceFace1 BraceFace2 BraceFace3
So, today was the day.  Braces are on and the 9 month countdown has begun.  I decided to go with hot pink bands… to match my pants and scarf, of course!  Overall it was a pretty fast process to put them on, but I still need to get my baby tooth and all of my wisdom teeth pulled.  That part is not something that I’m looking forward to.  Other than the little cuts that have already begun to form on the inside of my lip, I’ve emBRACED them.  Eating and drinking are slow, but I’ll get the hang of this brace face soon.  Straws are my new best friend, along with a knife and fork to cut everything.  I’m off to take more ibuprofen for my sore teeth and to bed I go.  Have a great night!

Mar, 13

The Weekend


This past weekend was full of packing and moving things to storage, as well as house hunting.  I forgot how tired this process makes you.  We took breaks to eat and for ice cream, but then back to it.  We plan to have our house on the market in early April, so things are moving quickly.  It’s a strange place to be when you’re selling your current home to move, because we haven’t even found a new one yet.  It’s scary to think about all of the options.  We can sell right away and not have a new home, or we can find a new home and not sell.  It’s a bit stressful, but equally exciting.  We’re on our way to a new adventure.

With that said, this next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing less crafting and more packing.  In our attempt to properly stage our home, I have to thin out my studio space.  Eek!  A lot of my supplies are going into storage, but once we stage the home, I can craft again.  It’s a good thing, too, because inventory is low and I have a Spring craft market in May!

Oh, and I have to squeeze in a couple of visits from out-of-town friends – which I’m so excited about!  As, well as get my braces put on… It’s a busy time, but very exciting and fulfilling.  What does the beginning of Spring look like for you?

Mar, 13

It’s Official

It's Official

It’s Official, I’m getting braces to correct one tooth – can you believe it?!  I go in on March 28th to get them put on and then in April I’ll have my wisdom teeth pulled (which are still  under the gums… hahaha) – Ouch!  I thought they had to pull the teeth first, but after confirming with both the Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon, we’re good to go in the opposite order.  The sooner I get them on, the sooner I can get them off.  I’m naturally nervous, as I’ve never had braces before, but I’m equally excited to get this rolling.

It’s such a busy time for us, so I’m glad that I can check this off of my to-do list very soon.  How about you, have you been able to check off some things?

Aug, 12

4 years down

Yesterday when I opened up my purse to find my keys, I found the sweetest “i love you” card paired with some cute bracelets!  Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anni, but I didn’t expect that surprise.  When I opened the card and began reading the first line of Ron’ note to me, tears just started to well up and it was over from there.  It took me a lot longer than it should have to read the card all the way through, because I couldn’t see through the blur of happy tears.  Ron is such a sweet man and I’m thankful to have found him.  My new favorite quote of the year is from Ron: “It’s been a fantastic 4 years of marriage and nearly a decade of friendship.” That’s what he messaged me on FB.  So great with words.

We finished the day off with a romantic dinner and a movie.  It was a great day overall. ♥R

Aug, 12

Busting At The Seams

When the Mr. and I bought our first home back in 2006, it was a huge 3 bedroom and 3 bath home with a cute little yard.  It was perfect!  We moved from our 450 sq ft college apartment into our home with plenty of room to grow, and grow we did!  Now we feel like we’ve already outgrown it and we don’t even have littles yet!  How did this happen?  How did we acquire so much stuff?  To be honest, I’m very sentimental and I know that I like to hold onto things for the memories, but this isn’t the only reason why our space is filling up.  If I buy something that I need at the time and I don’t have room for it long-term, I have a hard time getting rid of it, because I think that I may need it again one day.  Then I’ll have to buy it all over again.  I can’t help it, it’s just the way that I think.  I don’t like to be wasteful if I can help it.

The fact that I like to dabble in all things crafty really puts a strain on my tiny studio space.  My studio is busting at the seams, so I had to move my sewing table to our reading nook in our bedroom!  Bad, I know.  Now we definitly don’t have room for future littles, in this house.  There’s just no way.

I’ve been doing really well though (that’s a relative statement haha) at going through my supplies and donating what I don’t use to a local art foundation that works with at risk youth.  It feels good to share and to clear a bit of breathing room.  One day I hope to spread out my creative space a bit more, but until then, I’ll keep making room as I go. ♥R

**Oh and today is our 4 year wedding anni, so I’ll share a sweet little story later…

Aug, 12

{sunday best} rainbow brite

Tee from Urban Outfitters | Shorts from Boom Boom Jeans| Shoes from Teva | Bow from Chickiedee

As you know, my High School Reunion was this weekend and it was a blast!  Sometimes a brightly colored tee and some simple jean shorts are just what I need.  This is what I wore for the second day of our reunion.  I thought that it was appropriate since we were at a park playing volleyball and riding paddle boats.

I grew up with some amazing people and have been fortunate enough to keep in touch with many of them.  I visited with my close friends and then with friends that I hadn’t chatted with since high school so it was really great to hear what everyone was up to.  I was thinking about how lucky I am to have grown up in the Thornton/Northglenn area (just North of Denver) it’s a beautiful and quiet suburb.  I moved to South Denver while I was in College, which was great, but right before the Mr. and I graduated, we bought our first home back in Northglenn!  It felt good to be in our hometown again.  Part of our reunion was in the next town over, but the second half was at a park in Northglenn and then it finished off with a baseball game at our old high school.  It brought back some pretty great memories.

After listening to a few stories, I feel very lucky to have had a very healthy and happy high school experience.  I mean, we’ve all had our moments, but overall I have so many great memories.  It was fun to laugh and say “remember when” over food with 90’s music playing in the background hahahaha.  I can’t wait until our next reunion… well, you know what I mean! haha ♥r

Aug, 12

It’s A Reunion

This weekend is my High School Reunion and I can’t believe how quickly it came.  I’m pretty excited to see all of the people who I still talk to and hang with as well as some people who I haven’t seen in years.  I think class reunions are a bit different these days than what our parents and grandparents experienced due to technology, specifically Facebook.  Facebook makes it so much easier to keep in touch even when you’re worlds apart.  You can peek at what your friends are doing and read their updates anytime, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem like it’s been so long.

One thing that makes me a bit sad it that one of my best friends isn’t going to be able to make it to the reunion.  She just had surgery, so she’s at home with her hubby and two kitties as she heals.  I promised to take photos though to share with her, this way she won’t miss it all.  Feel better lady!

Have you had your class reunion or do you have one coming up?  If so, tell me about it! ♥r