Apr, 13

10 Years Ago…


… Ron and I became inseparable.  I’ll never forget the moment we met and the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend, on April 10th, 2003.  It meant so much that he asked and didn’t just assume.  We have always known where we stood with each other.

I’ve always been a romantic and thought it would be amazing to meet my soul mate in high school, marry and live happily ever after.  After graduation and no worthy candidate came along, I figured I wasn’t that lucky and I would probably find love later in life.  Fast forward a few months to 3rd Quarter at DU and there he was.  Handsome, smart, kind, funny and most of all loving.  I was lucky enough to marry my college sweetheart 5 years after meeting.  We were engaged early on in our relationship, but knew that we had to finish school first.  And it all worked out perfectly.

We’ve grown so much together in the past 10 years.  We were just kids when we met and have since traveled the world and built a life together.  I can honestly say that I fall in love with him more as the years go by.  He’s so strong, committed, noble and supportive.  He supports my dreams just as much as I support his.  He never makes me feel like my goals are out of reach; he encourages me to push harder.  He’s an amazing provider as well, and will make a wonderful father someday.

It’s really the little day-to-day things that mean the most.  No joke, since the day we met, he has opened all of my doors for me, including the car door – every.single.time.  He still continues to do so and it makes me feel so cared for.  I also love how he comes home after work as I’m making dinner and he helps finish up.  He never sits down as I cook.  I love the help, but most of all I love that we do it together.

The past 10 years have been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the next ten will bring.  Happy 10th (dating) anni, Love.  I love you!


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