Mar, 14

Manzanita Calligraphy Workshop #1

Calligraphy1 Calligraphy2

This past Saturday I was a student in Rebecca Caridad’s very first Calligraphy Workshop in Boulder, CO.  There were only 7 of us and we had a fun time learning the basics of Calligraphy.  I’ve only practiced once since the class, due to my studio currently being re-done.  Once I get it all in order, I plan to put my pen to paper and really get to know my style of writing.  That’s the beauty of it – just because you learn something, doesn’t mean that you can’t bend, or even break, the rules.  I’m pretty good at breaking rules… so, stay tuned for that.  Until then, check out a few snapshots that Rebecca’s younger sister took of our workshop here.

Library Catalog 1
Library Catalog 2
Library Catalog 3

I’ve put a hold on making anything this week, so that I can focus on getting my new studio all sorted out.  I really have to have a clean, bright and inspiring place to create.  Otherwise, I find it difficult to stay focused.  Anyone else have this problem?  Anyhoo, the most challenging part of the studio will be getting my 120-drawer Library Catalog, that my dad gave me, out of the garage and up the staircase.  I dusted and cleaned it really well, so it’s ready to be moved in.  Wish me luck!

Jul, 12

Summer Horseshoe Market 2012

I’m so excited for this months vintage + handmade market!  My mom and I have been busy making all sorts of goodies for Saturday July 14th here in Denver, CO.  So, if you’re around, definitely stop by and say hello!  It runs from 9am-4pm at 4345 W. 46th Ave. Denver, CO 80212, in the parking lot behind Olinger Moore Chapel. It’s an outdoor market featuring over 115 Colorado artists, crafters and vintage collectors — with food trucks, interactive crafting and so much more!  For more information go to http://www.horseshoemarket.com

I’ll have some new items there and some sales, so I hope to see you there! ♥rl

Jun, 12

A Peek At The Newest Roblins

I’m so excited to add these little guys to the shop this week!  It’s a style/technique that I haven’t done in a while, and it’s the first time I’ve ever done it with Roblins!  So exciting!  Well, I had better get back to laundry, but I will have these in the shop by this evening, so I’ll see you then! ♥rl

Apr, 12

Style Crush | Lana Del Rey

Okay, so I’ve been a dedicated American Idol fan since the beginning… and yes, I vote every week.  This season Lana Del Rey was a guest performer and before then, I had never heard of her.  How could this be?!  Not only does she have amazing style, but the girl can sing!  She is so unique and talented, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of her earlier.  Her voice is soft and bold all at the same time and I love how her sound is so innocent, with a twist.  She’s beautiful with a hint of a darker side that peeks out just enough to keep you interested.  If you haven’t heard her sing, Google or Pandora her.  I promise you wont regret it.  I personally love “Video Games,” as that was the first song I heard her sing on American Idol.  I’m glad that I found her and I think you will enjoy her style as well. ♥RobbieLee

Images via last.fm

Apr, 12

My Creative Process

Today I thought it would be fun to share my creative process with you.  Who knows, it just might inspire you!  Over the years, parts of my creative process have changed slightly, and rightfully so.  As I grow and evolve, so does everything around me.  For the most part, though, the major things have stayed the same.  These key elements are what make up my creative process and keep me moving forward.

 Sketchbook + Idea Book

My sketchbook + idea book are the most important parts of my overall creative process.  Why you ask?  Well, because that’s where all of my ideas, blog posts, thoughts, sketches, projects, dreams and goals live.  Without a place to store all of this info, I would probably go crazy.  Could you imagine, it’s like having a million and three to-do lists mixed with ideas and projects all stored in your head!!!  I don’t like the feeling of having to remember all sorts of important things, it stresses me.  So these allow me to get everything out of my head for the time being, so I can continue working on my current project.  Then, when I’m ready, I simply flip through them and start the next project.

Each of these books serve a very similar purpose, they just live in different places.  My sketchbook stays at home (or sometimes travels on long trips) and allows me to really go into depth on an idea or project.  It’s larger and easier to layout all of my thoughts.  Whereas, my idea book goes everywhere with me!  It’s a mini Moleskine journal that fits snugly in my bag and is readily available when I’m out and about and an idea pops into my head.  If I don’t write it down right away, I can lose that idea for good.  It’s happened before and I’ve kicked myself for not taking the time to jot it down.  By having my idea book along with my sketchbook, it has really helped me maintain my creative process.  It keeps me focused, inspired and motivated to keep doing what I love.

So, these two books are usually the first step in anything that I do creatively… other than thinking it up, I suppose!  ha!

 Being A Perfectionist

I am indeed a perfectionist in everything that I do.  That probably explains why it takes me a bit longer to execute ideas.  In school (especially in college) I would actually scrap an ENTIRE project if it didn’t feel right!!!  Crazy, I know.  In fact, that wasn’t normally like me.  I’m the type of person who will save everything, just in case.  So why did I scrap it all in a few instances?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I truly believe it was because I felt even more pressure than ever to be perfect.  I no longer do this (thank goodness!), but I still struggle with the idea of creating the “perfect” this or that.  I’m trying to learn when to just let it be and call it done.  Being a perfectionist can really hinder a creative person, because it holds you back from what your natural talents are.  They clash!  Sometimes I feel like my best work comes out when I don’t over think it.  Why can’t it always be this way?

I’ve come to realize that being a perfectionist is a part of me.  It has it’s fair share of good, too, because I feel like I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new things or to try new things (and perfect them to the best of my ability).  So, overall, yes, it can hold me back… if I let it, but if I keep tight reins on it, things will continue to move forward.

Staying Motivated + Inspired

Staying inspired is very easy for me because almost everything can inspire me in one way or another.  I’m inspired by other creatives, bloggers, family, color, art, design, typography, food, nature, etc.  Really, the list goes on.  I can read blogs and browse Pinterest all day long and leave feeling very creative.  The weather also plays into this.  If it’s gloomy and rainy outside, all I want to do is sit inside and craft!  It’s my absolute favorite.

Staying motivated is a bit more of a challenge at times.  I can gather all sorts of inspiration, but then when it comes to sitting down and actually doing whatever it is that I want to do… I can go off and play with the dogs or cat or whatever.  I feel motivated when it’s not forced.  If I’m sitting down at the computer and have to write a post, nothing will get done.  Or if I am inspired to create, but don’t have a plan, then it won’t get done.  I have to have the exact details worked out before I start.  Once I do, it’s motivation city!

Since motivation comes in waves, I have to make sure that I stay on track when it’s low.  To do this, I brainstorm and plan, but not in a forced way.  I usually go off and read an inspiring story, let it soak in and then I can regain that feeling of being motivated.  I can’t just sit down and “get to work,” if you will.


Creating itself, is naturally part of my creative process… heeheehee.  When I get to this point, after all of the inspiration, sketching, and motivation to do it, it’s on!  I get so into it and I can’t stop until I’m done.  A huge mess usually follows this step, but it’s worth it.  With that said, I’m a clean freak in certain areas of my life.  So, I don’t mean a mess, as in paint spattered on my clothes or fabric on the floor (heavens no!).  I mean when I pull things out to “create,” I pull out everything that might be needed!  …and it usually stays out until I’m forced to put it back away.  I like to keep it out until the project’s finished. 

Whether it’s sewing or painting or designing, I fully submerge myself into it and make it happen.  This of course is the best part of my creative process, because I get to see the final product.  It’s a beautiful thing to see an idea on paper grow into something real.  Just wonderful.

How about you?!  What’s your creative process?  What keeps you inspired and motivated to keep moving forward?  Do share!  I hope you had fun reading, ♥RobbieLee

Mar, 10

the right package

Packaging is so important.  It really does more than just contain whatever is inside, it showcases it and grabs your attention so that you want to open it and see what’s inside.  Here is a great example of good packaging that I found here.

Jan, 10

{Flashback Friday} Morph

I absolutely love this Morph piece that I did when I was in High School!  I went through a phase where I drew and painted nothing but Bumble Bees and this was one of my pride and joys of that time. It’s a Bumble Bee morphing into a plane!  So neat and so special!


Aug, 09

The Smallest Knit | Coraline

I can’t believe the small scale that Althea Crome knits on for Coraline!  It’s said that no one else knits as small as she does with the amount of detail and crativity, and I believe it!  I was blown away when I saw this trailer(click on “Enter Site” at the top)!  If you have time, watch the rest of the video clips to see more behind the scenes of the first stop-motion movie filmed in 3-D. The Coraline website is super fun too!  You can explore her world and get lost inside for hours!

Aug, 09

School of Art and Design Creativity Test

This is a fantastic way to test your creativity.This “clever advertising campaign for Panamericana School of Art and Design encourages people everywhere to test their creativity.”  There are a series of either X’s or O’s and you are supposed to draw as many things as possible out of those letters/symbols.  It really gets you mind churning, and it would be fun to do with a friend.  The best part is that they didn’t limit it to paper, they also drew on t-shirts, walls, dorrs, etc.  For more images and info, check them out here!

Jul, 09

One of My Favorite Artists | Mark Ryden

I would like to share one of my all time favorite artists, Mark Ryden.  He is so amazingly talented, that it blows my mind!  He potrays disterbing, yet beautiful images and symbols with incredible technique.  I mean, the man can paint!  He seems to be a very personal man; he is mysterious.  If you’d like to get to know him a bit more, check out this site. I’ve read a lot about him online and still feel that there is more untuched info on him.  His mysterious nature is very appealing to me, I constantly want to know more.  Better yet, I want to know the why’s.  There is something about his paintings that’s truly captivating.  I can look at them for hours and still be amazed at his creativity and skill.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  I think it’s easy to get caught up in all of the reacurring numerology, symbols, and icons, but I like to just let each piece be what it is. Here are his shows/series:  The Snow Yak Show, The Tree Show, Bunnies & Bees, The Meat Show, Blood, Gallery One, Gallery Two, Gallery Three, and Wondertoonel.  Enjoy!