Jun, 13

Work With What You Have


As I was packing last week, I was thinking about how I’ll adapt my blogging and crafting to my new atmosphere.  The majority of my studio is packed into boxes and stored away, including my lighting kits, supplies and desks (yes, I have more than one – ha!).  I’ve made a plan to pack everything from my studio in the front of the storage unit, so if I need something, I can easily access it.  Originally I wanted to take my entire studio to my dad’s house, but later decided that it would be better to keep things as simple as possible.  I have all of my computers, Wacom tablet, and cameras with me so that I can continue blogging – of course.  I’m guessing that this experience will make me be even more creative and force me to work with what I have.

Now that I’m settled, I plan to focus more on blogging both about Chickiedee and this new adventure that we’re on.  Ron and I have made it a Sunday tradition to go and visit our new home site.  Why Sunday, you ask?  Well, we signed on the house on Sunday May 5th – Cinco de Mayo!  We took our first photos of the site right after signing and have been back every Sunday since to capture the progress.  Within the first week it went from a shallow dirt hole to a concrete foundation.  Two Sundays ago they filled in the large holes around the foundation and filled the garage floor with dirt.  This last Sunday they laid the pipes and filled in the garage floor and basement with concrete.  Then I snuck over on Wednesday and saw the framing supplies in the front yard!!! It’s making progress.

I’m also excited to work on a few projects that I’ve had to put on hold when we started this new house venture.  One is just about ready to launch with the exception of a few minor details.  It was scheduled to launch in April, but when the house selling and buying fiasco picked up faster than expected; I chose to push the launch date.  I didn’t want to launch knowing that it wasn’t completely ready.  Quality is the most important part.  I’ll give you a hint on what it is: it’s a website that once was private and now will be open to the creative small business community.  Are you excited?!  I know I am!

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