Jun, 11

Can’t Hardly Wait!

Eeeeeeee… I bought a new planner about a month ago and I can’t hardly wait to use it!  I didn’t buy one at the end of 2010 (I know, I know, crazy!) and then realized in May that I really needed one.  I use my iPhone Calendar and iCal on my Mac, but I really like to hand write things and check them off as I complete them.  I get a real sense of accomplishment.  So, I bought one, but they don’t sell them starting at the beginning of 2011 this time of year, they start at July 2011.  So, I’m patiently waiting to write in this fella.  Isn’t it cute!?  I bought it at Target for $8!  What a steal.

Well, I hope your Monday is going well.  I’m busy working on organizing my studio space and writing Blog Posts for the week… so I better get back to work.

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