Apr, 13

Old vs. New: House Hunting


As you already know, we went through the process of staging our home to sell, which led us to getting a few offers!  All of our hard work paid off and we are now under contract.  Although we’re under contract, nothing’s final until it’s final in the home selling world.  With that said, we still need to find a new home.  It’s so much more difficult than we had first expected.  It makes me sad to think about moving from our current home, because we have so many wonderful memories here.  But, we have outgrown it and need something larger.

Ron and I are currently toggling between the idea of a new home or an old home – both have such great things to offer.  Here’s a list of pros for each side:

New Home

• You’re the first to live there!
• Fresh start in a new place.
• The possibilities of customizing your home and choosing the lot location is a plus.
• You’re less likely to have large and expensive repairs right away.
• It’s more likely to be in a clean and organized community. Hello HOA fees!
• Young families in the area may be more likely.

Old Home

• Mature Trees and large yards!
• Lots of history and character
• Possibly no HOA fees
• The neighborhood might be more quiet and calm
• The cost might be less than a newer home
• If there’s no HOA, we can remodel
• The houses aren’t placed so close together

There are always going to be pros and cons for each side, so we still have a lot of thinking to do.  But, we don’t have a lot of time.  If the contract goes through and we sell, our closing date is at the end of May… eep!  It’s been a crazy time right now with me getting braces, my wisdom teeth being pulled, celebrating our 10 year anni, selling our home and looking for a new one.  We’re also hoping to squeeze in a much-needed vacation, too.  The dust will settle, but until then, we need to find a home!

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