Sep, 09

Tucker Bean and his quilt…

DSC_8615Here is a picture of my little Tucker Bean the day he came home from getting neutered (August 2009).  I felt so bad for taking him, but it was the responsible thing to do. I gave him a little scrap quilt that I made, and now him and Frankie Li fight over it every night before bed.

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  1. christina

    Aww tucker bean is so adorable. I have a blue heeler/aust. shepherd mix named baby. Quick question how old was tucker when when his ears started to point up?

    • RobbieLee

      Hey Christina! So glad that you have a herding pup too!! Tucker’s ears didn’t start to point up until he was about a year old or so. In fact, his ears still don’t naturally point up like my other Blue Heeler, unless he is alert. How old is Baby?

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