Apr, 13

Time To Paint

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I want to start by wishing my sweet friend, Meghan, a very happy Birthday!  I sure wish she still lived here in CO, because I miss our craft days together.  Hopefully we can meet up soon and have another one.

In other news, next Thursday I’ll be getting all four (impacted) wisdom teeth and my baby fang pulled out.  Eep!  Although scared, I’m excited to get it done.  I met with the oral surgeon last week and he says that I’ll have an Iv in my arm, gas and music as I get put under.  It will be about a 1-2 hour procedure and I’ll be on 4 different meds as I heal.  I had no idea it would be so intense.  Because my wisdom teeth are so impacted, he has to be careful with my sinus and my nerves.  He plans to take his time and do it right, so I’m okay with that.  When I wake up I’ll be happy for a bit and then the pain, swelling and bruising will settle in.  He says that I’ll need a week off because I’ll hurt and be “ugly.”  I’ll let you know how it goes…  The thing that I thought was pretty cool, it that my oral surgeon has braces, too and we share the same orthodontists.  This makes me feel more comfortable.

So, I also wanted to update you on our home selling process.  We’ve had some showings since we put the house on the market and I must say, it’s a strange feeling knowing that strangers have been poking around your house.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.  It’s scary to be in limbo – we don’t know if we will sell our home or if we will find a new one.  It’s all unknown at this point.  If we didn’t sell, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but we’d like a larger place.

It’s been really difficult to find time to paint and sew between vacuuming, dusting and leaving the house between showings.  We had two showings earlier today and the night seems to be open (so far), so I’m so excited to paint!  I’ll be in the Spring Horseshoe Market 2013 this May, so I have to get busy.  On that note, I have my polar bear jammies on (because it’s snowing here) and my paints are out.  I’ll do a post later to share a little sneak peek on my progress.  See you soon!

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