Mar, 11

Taming of the Beasts

Good morning.  I’m hoping that 3pm today will change our lives for the better.  As you know, we have two spunky and outrageous Blue Heelers, Frankie and Tucker.  They are the best, indeed.  They are full of love, playfulness, and a giant dash of crazy!  I’ve decided to finally call a trainer because they just don’t listen to me.  I’m seen as part of the pack, rather than the Alpha.  I’m just not stern enough.  The trainer will come and do a demo to see if we all mesh, and if we do, we’ll take it from there.

I just love these crazy guys so much, but they are out of control.  They both pull on the leash and love to torment other dogs on the other side of the fence when we walk by.  We seriously look and sound like a pack of wild banshees coming down the street!  No joke!  They make this yelling sound when another pup in behind the fence.  I’ve tried everything from reading books, tips in magazines, and yes, watched the pros on TV with no luck at all.  This is way I know it is something that I’m doing incorrectly.

I’m not sure if you know a ton about Blue Heelers, but they are extremely smart and hyper.  That’s just how they are.  They are bred to heard cattle and other farm animals, without injury.  Their high energy allows them to run fast and maneuver quickly.  We knew this when we adopted them, but I thought I would be a better trainer… but, not so much.  If you Google Blue Heelers, you will find all sorts of amazing videos showing just how smart they are.  One video out there shows a Blue Heeler Praying!!!  Another has a Blue Heeler that knows numbers (he doesn’t speak them) and when his human counts, he does different things.  So, I know mine are capable of listening to me, but they are too stinkin’ smart and they know I let them get away with it.

Anyhoo, I will let you know how it goes, and wish me luck!

3 Responses to “Taming of the Beasts”

  1. Courtney

    I am so bringing my girls over! Maybe you can help them (and me) too! LOL!

  2. Joyce

    Good luck RobbieLee! I was thinking of getting a trainer for one of my dogs too, she sounds similar to yours, super hyper and crazy!

  3. RobbieLee

    Yeah, I met with the trainer and he brought over his Red Heeler to do the demo. I was amazed at how well this dog listened to him! I mean, it did everything he asked. It definitely gave me hope for my crazy pups. It’s expensive, but I’m seriously considering it. I think it would make everyone’s lives easier. 🙂


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