Sep, 12

{diy} a simple touch of lace

Here’s a quick and easy way to cutesie up a simple tank with some soft lace.  All you do is line up the blunt edge of the lace with the collar and use your sewing machine to stitch along the edge.  It’s so easy, I didn’t even pin it before, I just held it together as I went along… seriously! Tips: Stretch lace would make this a bit easier, but if you pull the tank neckline tight (stretch it a bit as you feed it through the sewing machine) as you sew with regular lace, it will give you some slack.

This is perfect for a casual date night and it saves some money! Enjoy!  ♥R

Aug, 12

The Prototype

Prototypes have become a key part of my creative process.  Although I don’t create one for every project, I do for the more detailed and elaborate ideas.  Have you had a “great idea” only to find out after you cut enough pieces for a lifetime, that it wasn’t going to work, because you didn’t make a prototype first?  Sheesh.  I have and lesson learned.  Owning and operating a small creative business, means that I need to think about each step carefully so that I don’t cost myself more money or waste too much time.  Now I create prototypes before setting up the assembly line, which allows me to play and adjust before diving in too deep.

The first step that I take to building a prototype is to sketch my idea and write out the details.  This makes it much easier for me to see the big picture and what I’m working with.  Do I have all of the materials, or do I need to go buy some? How long do I think this will take?  This step allows me to pick the size, colors, shapes, etc., and gives me the chance to make the first set of adjustments.  The second step is where I gather everything that I need and start to measure and piece it together.  Here is where I can start to tell if it’s going to work or not. Once put together I can lastly make any final tweaks and determine the cost and time that went into making that piece.  Then I ask myself, can I afford to make a collection of them?  Can I make several in a short time or is it going to take more time than I can spare?  These are all things that I need to consider.

If everything works out as planned, I’ll usually make a small collection of them and test the market.  Do they sell?  Do people like them?  If people like them, then I can set up a small assembly line to produce batches.  If they aren’t successful, that’s okay, because I only created a small collection to start with and I’m not out a whole lot.

Like I mentioned before, I don’t feel the need to create a prototype for every idea that I have, but I do for the larger and more detailed ones.  Some ideas have worked and some have not, and that’s okay.  A perk of having the idea written in my ideabook, is that I can look back on it later with fresh eyes, and who knows, maybe recreate it into something successful!

The past couple of weeks I’ve been creating prototypes and can’t wait to let you in on what I’ve been working on!  I’ll have a shop update on Saturday Sept. 1st to kick off Fall, so I’ll keep you posted! ♥R

Jun, 12

a mother + daughter outing

Holy cow!  I just found this cute little post in my “drafts” folder!!!  Sheesh!  Well, the photos are fun and the day was magical, so enjoy…

Saturday, April 21st, my mom and I went to the 2nd annual Firefly Handmade Market in beautiful Boulder, CO.  This craft fair was so sweet and magical, because it was set up at the base of the Flatiron Mountains in the Chautauqua Community House.  There were about 60+ handmade vendors there all sharing what they do best, and it was nice to be a customer for a day.  In addition to the lovely creatives and their crafts, they also had a photo booth, which as you can see, we spent a lot of time in… haha!

Oh, and we did end the day with some light shopping in Boulder and coffee.  Perfect!

Spending the day up there with my momma was a lot of fun, now we have to get back to work and prep for our two upcoming craft shows!  Yikes!  One in May (past), and one in July.  I hope you enjoyed peeking at our photos.  Have a great day!  ♥RobbieLee

Apr, 12

{studio sunday} with Sam Wish

Happy Sunday!  Today I’m so excited for you to meet a talented young lady with great style.  She’s a great example of how it is possible to live a busy life, but still be able to fit in your passion!  So, read below to learn a little bit about Sam and her creative Studio.

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Hi! My name is Sam, I’m 21 years old, have a fiancé and a wonderful 2 year old daughter. I run a store on Etsy called Sam Wish where I sell vintage and handmade clothes.

2. Where is your studio located?
My studio is located in a bedroom at my dad’s house. We only live 15 minutes away and since he’s my dad, I don’t have to pay rent or anything!

3. How long have you had your current studio space?
Hmm, well technically I’ve been working out of my dad’s house for two and a half years (since I started). But as for the bedroom I work out of, only about a year. Before our current residency, we actually lived in the bedroom that I work out of. So at that time, I was just working out of a closet!

4. What is your favorite part of your studio?
When we lived there, my dad had busted out a wall to make an attached bedroom for my daughter.  Now, I use it as my little “photography studio” where I built a little set and take all my pictures. It’s so convenient and also provides for a lot more storage.  

5. Approximately how many hours per day do you spend in your studio?
I only work about 2-4 hours per day. Our schedules are so busy with both of us in school and work so I fit it in whenever I can but it doesn’t leave me too much time. I think that’s what keeps me motivated though, I never get too burnt out.

6. Do you have any future plans for your studio space?
In a year or two, we plan on moving to Austin, TX and I’ll have to figure something else out. But until then, I’m going to enjoy working for free out of my dad’s house!

7. Is there anything else that you’d like to share?
If you’d like to learn more about me, hop on over to my blog at My Latest Obsession!


I want to thank you, Sam, so much for sharing your lovely space on Chickiedee!  Your photography studio is so lovely and your studio is so warm and inviting.  I also wanted to point out that you and I have the same vintage suitcase!!!  Keep doing what you’re doing and when you move to Austin and get your new studio all set up, please let me know so we can do an update post!  ♥RobbieLee

arrows via {hello vanny}

Apr, 12

{studio sunday} with christine at flapper girl

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!  Today I’m so thrilled to have Christine at Flapper Girl share her adorable studio space!!!  I’m sure you have seen her around, as she is quite the talented lady.  She does graphic design and makes these lovely Lady Ties!  Be sure to stop by her shop and sites to learn more about her and what she does.  All right, are you ready to peek into her studio?!  I thought so!

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Hello. My name is Christine, and I spend most of my time either combing through vintage treasures at antique malls, estate sales and thrift stores, or expressing my creativity though sewing and graphic design. I bring these passions together with Flapper Girl, my line of cute, retro, and well-crafted designs that are inspired by fabulous second-hand treasures and life in lovely Portland, Oregon. 

Most of what I make these days for Flapper Girl is retro neckwear for women I lovingly refer to as Lady Ties, but I’m a vintage ephemera addict as well, and make paper garlands with vintage flair. 

2. Where is your studio located?

I carved out a tiny space in my apartment for my studio. 

3. How long have you had your current studio space?

I’ve had my current studio space since I first started Flapper Girl, but it’s gone through so many changes! It looks nothing like it did when I first created it. 

4. What is your favorite part of your studio?

My favorite things about my studio are: 

• My vintage pink Morse sewing machine. It is so cute and is such a workhorse! I sew everything on it.

• My small cabinet of vintage ephemera. I get so much inspiration from old things!

• The totally creepy, awesome, and badass framed art print above my sewing table. It’s called “Still life with skull” and is a reprint from an old daguerrotype from 1850. I am so goth at heart, so I really love this print. It was a birthday present from my husband a few years ago.

• My vintage chipmunk lamp which is stationed at my sewing table.

5. Approximately how many hours per day do you spend in your studio?

It depends on the day and what’s going on. I’m also a graphic designer, and I’m finishing up college, so some days I don’t step into it at all, but other days when I have time to create or I am filling orders, I can be in there all day. I’m looking forward to graduating this summer, so I can have more time to spend creating. 

6. Do you have any future plans for your studio space? 

I dream of having a studio space outside of my home some day. I really like the idea of getting a large space and sharing it with my husband or some of my creative friends.

7. Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

I hope you’ll come visit me over on my blog or on Pinterest

Thank you so much for having me on Studio Sunday RobbieLee 🙂 


Oh, you are so welcome and thank you for sharing your lovely work space.  I really enjoyed having you and you were a true pleasure to work with!  Here are some other places on the web where you can visit and learn more about Christine and her creative talents, be sure to check them out:

Flapper Girl Website: http://flappergirl.org/

My Graphic Design Website: http://christineblystone.com/

Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/flappergirl

Blog: http://flappergirlcreations.wordpress.com/

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/theeflappergirl/


Oct, 11

Robblins for Baby

Robblins are now for babies!!  All of these are screen printed by hand (by me) with lots and lots of love.  So, check them out in the shop.

Sep, 11

Oct. 1st Craft Show!!!

Hello fine friends!

I just love when the Fall Craft Show falls on my birthday, and this year that’s just what is going to happen.  Yay!  I would love for all of those who will be in area to stop by and check out my mom’s table as well as mine.   Here is the info and I hope to see you there!

When: Saturday October 1st, 2011 9am-4pm
Where: Adams County Regional Park and Fairgrounds – 9755 Henderson Road (Same as 124th Ave.) Brighton, Colorado 80601
What: 250 booths in 2 buildings containing super great homemade goodies and crafts, just in time for the holiday season.
More Info: FREE parking
                     $2 Admission (14 and under – FREE)
                     Food by 4-H Clubs

Aug, 11

{studio sunday} with Alejandra of Doe a Deer


Meet Alejandra of Doe a Deer!  Today we will be peeking into her studio to see where she makes all of her cute dog collars, leashes, bags and zipper pouches.  Yay!  Alejandra and I met not too long ago and what drew me to her blog was her complete honesty.  She writes about what she knows, and she doesn’t try to impress.  Ironic how that becomes impressive and very refreshing, isn’t it?!  She’s a very sweet and creative soul, so let’s see what makes her tick…

1. Who are you and what do you create/do?

My name is Alejandra, and I own a small business; Doe a Deer–I create accessories for women and their dogs, including purses, pouches and clutches; collars, leashes and doggie bandanas! I offer more muted styles, but most of what you’ll find is bright and boisterous–something that will call everyone’s attention.

2. Where is your studio located? (in your home or somewhere else?)

As of right now, I just have a small home studio–about 500 sq ft. We live in an apartment and don’t have much furniture, so I fill up the entire space of what would be the living & dining rooms.

3. How long have you had your current studio space?

As long as we’ve lived here–about nine months. And we’re due to move again. (sigh!)

4. What is your favorite part of your studio?

Tables. You can definitely never have enough. I like to have one for sewing and organizing the queue of things to be sewn, and one for cutting. Storage would have to be my second most favorite, and of course you can never have enough of that, either! When you make a myriad of different things, it’s a lot of fun trying to find items that will fit best–right now I’m using a large coat rack that I got for $3 at Goodwill to hang the bags I make.

5. Approximately how many hours per day do you spend in your studio?

12+. Being the sole mind & creative force behind any small business is harder than you could ever imagine, but so worth it.

6. Do you have any future plans for your studio space? (i.e. revamp, new location, etc.)

New location, please! Right now my significant other is job hunting, so it’s possible we could relocate to the other side of the country! We’ll just have to wait and see. My wish list for a new studio: A dedicated room with beautiful wood floors, large windows (skylights a plus), vaulted ceilings, and built in bookshelves & storage. A girl can dream, no?

7. Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

I hope you’ll visit me at my blog, Doe a Deer. I love making new friends and sharing our adventures!

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us, Alejandra!  I love how you work with what you have.  I feel that our studio spaces are always evolving and growing.  While in college, I too used the dining room, in our one-bedroom apartment, as my complete studio.  Our apartment was small, but the Mr. and I made it work.  I really have to thank him for putting up with that mess for two years!  Your space is great and I hope that you will let me know if you move and get a new space!  Please share!

Aug, 11

{humpday tutorial} Boot Box

Oh my goodness!  How cute is this handmade Boot Box?!  Totally cute!!  You can make this with just a few inexpensive materials and a little bit of time.  Find out how at Fresh Home Ideas.  What I love about this creation is that you can put it both indoors and out.  The rocks are a great way to keep air circulating under the boots to prevent mold and other funk from growing!  Great idea!

Aug, 11

It’s Official!

It’s official, all!  Chickiedee | Modern Apparel for Babies has successfully transformed into Chickiedee | Handmade!  I still make the same baby items that you all love, I’ve only added more products for the ladies too.  I’ve added paintings, headbands, larger quilts, and tote bags.  This is just the beginning, because this Fall there will be even more!  I’m so excited to share what I’ve been working on and I thank you for being so supportive throughout this little change.

It’s also very important for me to stress that I’m still using as many sustainable materials and practices as possible.  Both your family and the environment are extremely important to me and how I choose to create.

Be sure to stop by the shop and check everything out.  There are new items in the Sale section and you will receive a free gift if you spend $55 or more.  Feel free to come back here and leave your feedback.

Thank you so much again and I hope you enjoy this new adventure along side me.