Apr, 12

{studio sunday} with Sam Wish

Happy Sunday!  Today I’m so excited for you to meet a talented young lady with great style.  She’s a great example of how it is possible to live a busy life, but still be able to fit in your passion!  So, read below to learn a little bit about Sam and her creative Studio.

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Hi! My name is Sam, I’m 21 years old, have a fiancé and a wonderful 2 year old daughter. I run a store on Etsy called Sam Wish where I sell vintage and handmade clothes.

2. Where is your studio located?
My studio is located in a bedroom at my dad’s house. We only live 15 minutes away and since he’s my dad, I don’t have to pay rent or anything!

3. How long have you had your current studio space?
Hmm, well technically I’ve been working out of my dad’s house for two and a half years (since I started). But as for the bedroom I work out of, only about a year. Before our current residency, we actually lived in the bedroom that I work out of. So at that time, I was just working out of a closet!

4. What is your favorite part of your studio?
When we lived there, my dad had busted out a wall to make an attached bedroom for my daughter.  Now, I use it as my little “photography studio” where I built a little set and take all my pictures. It’s so convenient and also provides for a lot more storage.  

5. Approximately how many hours per day do you spend in your studio?
I only work about 2-4 hours per day. Our schedules are so busy with both of us in school and work so I fit it in whenever I can but it doesn’t leave me too much time. I think that’s what keeps me motivated though, I never get too burnt out.

6. Do you have any future plans for your studio space?
In a year or two, we plan on moving to Austin, TX and I’ll have to figure something else out. But until then, I’m going to enjoy working for free out of my dad’s house!

7. Is there anything else that you’d like to share?
If you’d like to learn more about me, hop on over to my blog at My Latest Obsession!


I want to thank you, Sam, so much for sharing your lovely space on Chickiedee!  Your photography studio is so lovely and your studio is so warm and inviting.  I also wanted to point out that you and I have the same vintage suitcase!!!  Keep doing what you’re doing and when you move to Austin and get your new studio all set up, please let me know so we can do an update post!  ♥RobbieLee

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  1. Sam

    Thanks so much! This looks awesome and I can’t believe we have the same suitcase 🙂

    • RobbieLee

      You are very welcome, and thank YOU so much! Yeah, I inherited the suitcase from my grandma. I can wait to take another trip so I can really use it!

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