Dec, 10

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

I love wrapping gifts for people, because I believe that the outside of the package should be just as exciting as the inside.  It should invite you to want to open the gift.  Here are some inspiring gift wrap ideas to try this year.

I love the simple white paper and the white twine.  They really allow the colorful greenery to pop!

Love the faux wood look… you could even use real oak leaves, as long as they are not too dry.  You don’t want them to get too messy.

oh so natural

I never thought to use doilies.

What a cute little wreath name tag.

I like the look of this, but I dislike the feel of real news paper.  Imitation will have to do.

L.O.V.E these!

Such cute eco-friendly wrap

awww… mini pine cones – oh so cute!

What a great way to wrap a gift with something that they can keep.

Who would have thought, fabric envelopes.

I’m simply smitten with these biodegradable stuffing!

Yay for Yarn!

Anything shiny is a-ok in my book.

These are so adorable!  Click here to make them.

Photos! Photos! Photos!

Mistletoe made of bells and felt.

Monograms make the world go round…

I really want to try and make these handmade glitter boxes.  I just wonder how you keep the extra glitter from falling off.

Lump of coal… so clever!

I hope you enjoyed going through these and let me know if you try any of them.  Later this week, I’ll be wrapping gifts of my own, so I’ll be sure to show you what I’ve come up with.

Mar, 10

DIY: Eco-packaging

I stumbled across this the other day and simply fell in love with the idea!  Mandi at Here’s Looking At Me Kid shares a fabulous way to stay green and creative while shipping products or gifts through the mail.  The full how-to can be found here at A Beautiful Mess, but basically you just use a paper bag and stitch it closed.  The great thing is that you can decorate it as you wish!  It’s also a great way to save some cash.  I love this idea so much, I’m going to adopt it!  I actually have a similar idea that I’ve been actively using for about 8 years now.  I’ll post a DIY on that soon!  Thanks Mandi!

Images via A Beautiful Mess

Jan, 10

{Humpday Tutorial} Felt Bows

So I just found this Felt Bow DIY Tutorial at Twig & Thistle and thought that it went along perfectly with the Magazine Page Bow Tutorial!  It’s just another way to be sustainable in your everyday life.  The best part about this one, is that you can reuse it!

You can also make it into a pined brooch like this one:


Dec, 09

It’s a wrap…

Each year for the Holidays many of us scurry out to buy gifts and wrapping paper to hide them in without ever thinking of where that paper goes after we rip into them.  Well, this year is a great time to change that.  This is just another area of our lives that can be “greener” and it’s super easy to make that change!  If you have wrapping paper or tissue paper from last year, use that before you buy more.  If you have to buy wrapping paper, make sure that it’s made from recycled content.  This way you can recycle it again.  Avoid buying metallic or foil wrapping paper because that cannot be recycled.

After you rip into the gifts on Christmas morning, be sure not to wad the wrapping into a ball, lay it flat to keep it in tact and use it for some of the following:
1.  To wrap gifts next year or depending on the design, you can wrap gifts all year around
2.  Cut paper into 6 inch squares for origami {
3.  Cut into small pieces and place by the phone to write messages or shopping lists on the white side

Also, save all of those greeting cards and bows too and either recycle them in your bin, or be creative and reuse them for next year!  You can also wrap gifts in other ways to be more green and creative.  For example, if your buying tools for someone, wrap them in a toolbox.  Or, use fabric scraps and ribbon to wrap a gift for that crafter in your life.  The possibilities are endless.  Visit this site for these and other great ways to wrap gifts this year!

There are many other ideas on how to reuse wrapping paper and greeting cards out there, so Google away!  In the meantime, check out these sites to get you started on the right path to a “greener” life!
www.inhabitots.com – Recycle and Reuse Your Wrapping Paper
2. www.ocrra.org – Holiday Recycling (Green gift ideas and green gift wrap ideas too!)
3.  www.socyberty.com – 10 Ways to Recycle Christmas Wrapping Paper

Oct, 09

Humpday Tutorial | Mini Gift Boxes

I absolutely LOVE making my own cards and gift boxes for people!  Making your own gift box is a great way to express both your creativity and the personality of the recipient.  Here is a great online tutorial that I found over at the b-line and Amy does a great job of explaining how to create these sweet little gift boxes.


Aug, 09

Humpday Tutorial | Greeting Cards and Garland with D*S

This is another way to be green and reuse those paper scraps lying around.  Design*Sponge and Laura Normandin at Wren Handmade shared this tutorial on how to make garland and greeting cards out of left over paper scraps.  It’s easier than you might think so check it out here for more info and for the full tutorial!  Happy making!