Jul, 09

“Pop” Top Purse | Evnvironmental A-Wear-Ness

blogpost_poptop1blogpost_poptop2Every year I go to Taos, New Mexico with my family on vacation.  I just love the sweet little shops they have in the Taos Plaza.  This past weekend was the Fiesta and the Plaza was full of life!  While shopping, we came across this store called At Home In Taos.  As soon as you walk in you feel so cozy and comfortable.  The store has a hodgepodge of everything from handmade ceramic buttons to home decor.  While there, I came across this purse made from soda can tabs!  Talk about upcycling!  At $26.95, I thought it was a little steep, but finally gave in and it’s the “greenest” purse that I own!  I just love it and I’m so happy that I bought it.  I’m not sure if Two’s Company actually made this or not, but the tag on the purse said Two’s Company.  On the back of the tag it says this:

“Keep tabs on the environment while making a statement with this eye-catching conversation piece.  Artfully hand crocheted using nylon thread and soda pull-tabs, this stylish ‘eco-chic’ product takes recycling to the next level by raising the awareness of environmental preservation.  With the purchase of each bag, we will make a donation to an eco-friendly organization.  Spot clean only.  Wipe with a cloth.”

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