Jul, 13

Playhouse Restoration Project


Yesterday my brother, mom, hubby and I all pitched in to start on restoring my childhood playhouse.  We were chatting about it last night and we think we bought it in the summer of 1992.  That summer was an expensive summer for me.  With the help of my mom and my savings we bought the Tuff Shed playhouse, paint, carpet and my dog China!  That’s a lot for an 8-year-old!  I’ll share the before and after photos when we’re done – hopefully sometime next week.  This playhouse went through me and my friends and then was passed down to my brother and his friends, so it’s seen some better days.  We’re thrilled to be restoring it to its former glory.  It’s getting a good scrub down, a fresh coat of paint and new furniture.  The painting should be wrapped up next week sometime and then we plan to take on the inside little by little.  I’m so excited that we’re making this a family project!

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