Jan, 10

My ZZ Pops!

Hey all!  Ron and I just got back from a mini vaca to visit my “pops” on the mountains (so that’s why I didn’t write over the weekend) and we had a great time.  We took Frankie and Tucker too of course, while Brutus had some “cat” time at home.  We cruised around on the Mule on Saturday and took a few mini hikes with the pups, then we took a moonlight ride on the Mule to do a little stargazing.  It was soooo beautiful, because you don’t see the stars that clear here in the ‘burbs,’ ha ha ha.  Here are a few pics of our adventure… enjoy!
100_6449My ZZ Pops!

100_6417100_6419100_6429100_6440100_6448100_6450100_6451100_6456100_6474It was a great weekend!  Love, RobbieLee

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