Jul, 09

Mesh Laundry Bags to the Rescue

mesh_laundry_bagOkay, so you know when you put your baby’s laundry in the washing machine in tact, but when you remove it, it looks like some sort of monster devoured it? Well it happens to the best of us.  There are many things that destroy perfectly good baby clothing; there are two main things in my opinion.  The first being the Heavy Duty Cycle.  Baby clothing needs to be washed on the Heavy Duty Cycle more often than not, so how do you keep it from stretching? The second being that retched VELCRO!!!  I mean, I love the stuff when it holds up pants or keeps shoes on, but I don’t like what it has to offer in the washing machine!  It latches onto everything and when you pull your laundry out, everything looks fuzzy and basically ruined.  Well, I’m sure your parents will remember those precious little Mesh Laundry Bags used to wash their “unmentionables,” and guess what,  Chickiedee has brought them back to save your baby clothing!  I know, it’s awesome!

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