Mar, 13

{Life Lately} Packing + House Hunting


This past week has been full of packing, driving things to storage and house hunting.  Our house will officially be on the Market on April 1st (my great grandpa’s 100th Birthday!).  This weekend, and coming week, we will wrap up the packing and finish staging our home.

At first I was super excited to move, but as we’re going through things and packing, I noticed that I’m getting sad about it, too.  This was our first home as a family, so it’s hard to see us anywhere else.  It’s in a great area and neighborhood with so much to offer.  It’s just that we’ve outgrown it.  I know it’s time to move – if we can get our asking price, of course.  If not, the worst case scenario would be that we take the house off the market and wait for a better time.  Our Realtor and another sales rep, both, told us that this is a good time, so I feel good about it.  I knew these mixed emotions would surface and that’s part of the process.

When we moved from our college apartment, we were so happy to get out of that place!  We didn’t really feel bad for moving.  This time is different.  We’ve invested time, love and money into making this house a home.  In this case, bigger will be better for us if we want to grow our family.

As far as house hunting goes, we’ve toggled between the idea of a new home vs. old home.  Both have really great things to offer, so it’s difficult to make a decision.   The most difficult part for me, is deciding on the location.  There are a few communities that we like, but the location isn’t ideal.  Give and take I suppose.  We have a lot to think about, like location, school districts, home size and layout, commute to work, proximity to stores, hospitals, etc.  It’s a bit overwhelming, but very exciting, too.

I’ll keep you posted on this crazy and fun adventure that we’re embarking on!

2 Responses to “{Life Lately} Packing + House Hunting”

  1. Jess Cogbill

    Loving the shoes! And I know moving has very sentimental moments but you’ll always carry those memories with you. And look at the bright side…you can now complete a pinterest project! Place your old house key in a cute little frame and put it somewhere where you can see it to remind you of your first house 🙂

    • RobbieLee

      I love that idea! I’m totally going to save our key. This has been such a sweet house to us. It’s our home. It’s hard, but we can totally keep all of our wonderful memories here. Thanks lady!

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