May, 11

{inspiration} vol.5

Here are a few inspirational things that came across this week and I just had to share them!  Enjoy…

Hitchcock-inspired embroidery found on What, No Mints?

Reupholstered couch that’s kid and pet friendly?!  Yes ma’am!  From A Bit of Sunshine.

What’s better than adorable photos of sweet lil animals?! NOTHING!  Absolutely nothing!  I found a write up on Sharon Montrose on Shrimp Salad Circus and instanly fell in love with Sharon’s work.  She truely is a talented woman.  Vist both Sharon’s site and Shrimp Salad Circus for some more insite.

Hand-stitched Place cards – Christina Williams shows you that they are easier to make than you might think…

2 Responses to “{inspiration} vol.5”

  1. Sasha

    That little porcupine is just the cutest!! Thank you so much for featuring my birds embroidery here – Beautiful blog!!

  2. RobbieLee

    Hey Sasha, You did a fabulous job on that bird Embroidery!!! Love it! Thanks for stopping by!


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