Apr, 12

Impromptu Photoshoot

On Monday I was photographing for another post, when I was distracted by the cuteness overload of these guys!  So, naturally we held an impromptu photoshoot, featuring Frankie Li, Tucker Bean and Brutus James.  I love how they interact with each other, especially when they don’t know that you’re watching. They were just too cute not to share!

Have a great Wednesday! ♥RobbieLee

4 Responses to “Impromptu Photoshoot”

  1. Lora

    So nice to see my granimals looking so nice on ChickieDee.
    Brutus James is looking sharp with his new hair cut.
    Frankie Li is showing her pretty blues, and Tucker bean
    looks like he is up to something or has been caught playing catch in the house again.

  2. RobbieLee

    You know them too well! They are so cute and they love playing with their siblings at the park! Can’t wait for the next date!

  3. momma

    We need to get them in for play time at the park.
    Dimitri and Angel are getting a wee-bit on the chubby side.
    They need some one to chase.

    • RobbieLee

      For sure! Apparently ours need some exercise too, hahaha! Hopefully this week will be nice so we can take them. Tucker would love to run with Dimitri! Such cuties!

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