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Humpday Tutorial | Ghoulish Recipes

These Pumpkin Patch Bites will be sure to liven your party!  They take about 35 minutes to prep and bake with only 4 ingredients.  You can get the full recipe, instructions, and nutritional info here.

Don’t be frightened of these Ghostly Treats, because they’re a great recipe to make with your children!  Everyone will love the Rice Krispy center and the chocolate chip eyes. You can get the full recipe, instructions, and nutritional info here.  You can also add these Spooky Spiders to the table with this great recipe!

Now, these Spiderweb Pizzas will be the main attraction at any Halloween Party, or just for a Halloween dinner with the kids.  The best part is that your kids can make their own!  Get the recipe, instructions, and nutritional info here.

You can’t have a Halloween Party without a great beverage.  That’s why this Purple Potion Punch would be great!  Both children and adults will love this grape juice concoction, so get the recipe here.

These Spiced Pumpkin Softies would be great for children and adults of all ages.  If you’re not throwing a party this year, but attending one, these would be great to take!  Get the recipe here.

I’ve had this Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake before and it is heavenly!  You can make this all holiday season and never get tired of it.  Here is the recipe, pass it along!

These Skeleton Cupcakes have to be the cutest Halloween cupcakes that I’ve ever seen!  The black frosting is fabulous and sure to give your little ones black teeth for a few minutes.  Plus, who doesn’t love marshmellos?  Get the recipe here.

This Spiderweb Nacho Spread is so creative!  It takes a little time to make each layer, but it’s worth it.  Get the recipe here.  I’m sure you can semi-make it with pre-made beans and guacamole if in a crunch.  Enjoy!


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