Feb, 10

Great Product Shout out!

After watching this weeks Shark Tank on ABC, I would like to give a shout out to two products that I think are just great!  The first being Llama Brew™, an “Eco-Friendly Green Fertilizer,” and Nubrella, “The Ultimate Weather Protector.”

Llama Brew™ is made from 100% organic llama and alpaca manure and is packaged in recycled bottles.”  I just love to see when people use natural resources to do the same job as man-made items.  Chemical fertilizers are dangerous to our environment, the animals, and our families, so why not go natural?!  The surprising thing is that there is no fowl odor this product is very affordable!

Nubrella is a great alternative to your average umbrella, because it protects you from rain, snow, sleet, etc.  It is easy to use and you an use it hands-free without it flipping inside-out on you!  This means that you can use it while riding a bike, sitting at your child’s soccer game, walking to work, or anything else you can think of!  This truly can make life easier when standing up to the weather.

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