Nov, 12

{diy} magical garland

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while and I’m so happy that I did.  Not only is it super easy to make this magical garland, but it’s incredibly inexpensive, too.  All I did was buy a string of lights for $2.88 (LED lights work best) and used scrap fabric that I had lying around, that’s it!  It took an evening to make this, so I pre-cut a bundle of three different fabrics, ranging from white to cream – very subtle.  I chose to cut my strips 1.5″W x 6″L, but you can make them longer if you’d like.  I think any shorter may be difficult to tie, unless you cut them thinner.  Say .5″ or 1″ wide. 

Then, I sat down with a few per-recorded shows and got to tying. No double knots, just a simple single knot and that’s it! 

Every string of lights may be slightly different, but to give you an idea of how many strips to cut, I tied about 4-6 strips between each light.  So, count how many spaces are between each bulb and multiply by 5.  I used approximately 500 strips on my 22 ft. strand (with 100 spaces between the bulbs).  I had a few extra strips, so I went ahead and tied them down the little tail that leads to the plug.  I stopped a few inches short of the actual plug, because it makes me nervous to have fabric so close to the outlet.  Also, as with all lights, I highly recommend that you don’t leave these plugged in unattended, just in case. 

It’s so easy and you can make it while watching a movie or two!  I hope you get around to making one of these this year, because if you’re like me and occasionally enjoy a mindless project, while still feeling like you’ve accomplished something, this is for you.  It would also make a really fun and inexpensive gift.  Happy making!

6 Responses to “{diy} magical garland”

  1. Jess Cogbill

    Beautiful! I adore white lights 🙂 did you take the photos yourself or did Ron help? If you did yourself,major pat on the back,they look wonderful!

    • RobbieLee

      I know you do! I was really pleased with the turn out. I took all of the photos but the two of my hands. Ron was right there and it was easier than grabing my tripod… which was ALL the way upstairs. Hahahaha Thank you!

  2. mom

    very cute idea!!!

    • RobbieLee

      Yes! We can make you one 🙂 hahahaha

  3. Tia

    So cute!! Love this idea, will definitely have to make one!

    • RobbieLee

      Totally do, Tia! Take pics if you make one!

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