Jun, 12

1,000th Instagram Photo

Holy Smokes!  I’m coming up on my 1,000th Instagram photo!  I’m actually super excited about it and to celebrate, I thought I’d do a “photo an hour” today!  It will start from the hour I wake up to the hour I decide to go to bed.  If you want to follow along, please feel free to on Instagram (@robbielee).

Here are a few of my favorite Instagram photos thus far…

Also, Father’s Day is fast approaching, any big plans? ♥rl

Apr, 12

Impromptu Photoshoot

On Monday I was photographing for another post, when I was distracted by the cuteness overload of these guys!  So, naturally we held an impromptu photoshoot, featuring Frankie Li, Tucker Bean and Brutus James.  I love how they interact with each other, especially when they don’t know that you’re watching. They were just too cute not to share!

Have a great Wednesday! ♥RobbieLee

Apr, 12

Photography Wishlist

Photography has become a bigger part of my life than I could have ever imagined.  I’ve always enjoyed taking photos of family and friends to capture those special moments, but I never thought it would become part of my daily life and small business.  I take photos every single day now, both for Chickiedee and for fun.  It really all started a couple of years ago when the Mr. surprised me with my very own iPhone4!!!  The camera was as good as our little Kodak, and I always had it on me, so why not snap photos all day long!  Then he bought us a Nikon D80 and that opened up a whole new world for me.  Now my product photos and blog photos are gaining strength as I learn how to properly use it.

Being an art major has really helped me understand photography quickly, because the most important thing in both is lighting.  Without good lighting, your photos won’t be strong as they could be.  I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on using the Nikon, but I know I have so much more to learn, and I’m excited to do so!

With that said, there are other photography goodies that I have on my wishlist… some are gadgets for the Nikon and others are just for fun.  I’m slowly growing my collection of photography goods.  As you already know, I just received my Teal Rose Camera Bag from Jo Totes just a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more happy with it.  Below are the things that I would like to add to this collection.  Do you have any of these fun items?  If so, tell me what you think of them! ♥RobbieLee

1. Instax Wide Instant Camera
2. Photojojo! The Book
3. Ruffle Camera Strap
4. Ring Flash Adapter
5. Instax Mini 7s + Mini 25 Instant Cameras
6. White Balance Lens Cap

Mar, 12

My Lovely New Camera Bag

Hello!  I was so excited to come home and see a package from Jo Totes on our doorstep on Thursday.  It came way sooner that I had expected, so that was a surprise.

I couldn’t wait to tear into the box to see my new camera bag!  It’s even more beautiful than I had thought it was going to be.  I’m clearly so excited that I’m sharing it with you… so it must be important, right?!  heehee  Oh! And I love the cute little Jo Totes bag that it came in… great packaging from a design standpoint.

I haven’t quite figured out how I want to set up all of the inserts, but it looks like I may be able to fit my iPad in there too!  I plan to fit a lot in there, especially when we travel, so this is great.  I just couldn’t resist the teal shell paired with the houndstooth lining… stunning!  This beats a traditional black Velcro camera bag any day!

I couldn’t be happier right now.  I just need to put everything inside now.  Hummm… do I smell another “What’s In My Bag” post?! Does anyone else have a Jo Tote?  If so, tell me about it! ♥RobbieLee

P.S. Happy Birthday sweet Jessica!  I love you, lady!

Nov, 11

Wedding Photo Booth

I took a break from all of my projects to browse some photos and stumbled upon this gem.  We spent much of that evening in the photo booth at our friends wedding reception, and there are many more of these.  There were so many props and such little time, how could we not!  Well, I better get back to work; if you have any funny photo booth photos or stories, please share. ♥ RobbieLee

Oct, 11


Okay, so you already know how in love I am with Instagram, so it’s no surprise that I would find Sticky-gram just as fun!  Sticky-gram is a place to turn your favorite Instagram photos into magnets!!!  It seems a bit steep in price ($15 for 9 magnets), but it is a custom job.  I really want to try it, so I need to go through all of my Instagram photos and pick my top 9!  If you have already used them, please tell me what you thought.  Check out there site here.

Sep, 11

{color crave} red berries

These beautiful berries are from our garden.  Obviously reds and greens compliment each other well, and that’s why I love this photo so much!  Sometimes the simplest things really are the most beautiful.  I think these colors could look great in a country-style kitchen.  What do you think?

Jul, 11

{photo friday} vol. 5 Close-up Edition

As I was going through my photos this week, I realized that I take a lot of close-ups.  I thought it would be fun to share a few of them in this”close-up edition” of {photo friday}.  As you might have already noticed, all of these photos were taken from Instagram.  I just love that Application so much!  If you’d like to, find me on Instagram @robbielee .  Enjoy and have a happy Friday!

Jul, 11

{photo friday} vol. 4 Smile Booth for Jess’ Bridal Shower

Eeeep!!!  Jess’ Bridal Shower went off without a hitch.  I think she had a fabulous time with the Smile Booth, doncha think?!

Apr, 11

Friday Love: Little Retreats

I stumbled upon this sweet little Photo Booth Prop Etsy Store today, and instantly fell in love!  Little Retreats has everything that you could ever want and need to make your Photo Booth a sweet success.

Seriously, how cute are these?!  I love how clean and simple each piece is.

These are perfect for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Movie!

Who doesn’t need a clown?

Visit Little Retreats Etsy Shop for many more little treats!