Jul, 09

buttons | what to do with them


The clothing manufacturers are getting better at actually sewing the extra buttons into the clothing itself, but not all of them do it.  So, what do you do with the extra buttons?  They seem to scatter about the house and when you need one in particular, you can’t find it.  I decided to go around and gather all of the buttons I could find and put them in a cute little jar with a lid.  I know I have more buttons, I just need to find them!  From now on though, when I buy something with a loose-extra button, it’s going straight into the “Button Jar.”  Depending on the size of jar you choose, you can store it in your sock drawer, cupboard, a shelf, etc.  Be creative and use a funky little jar and it can double as decoration!  Not only will you stay organized, you’ll keep little buttons out of baby and pet mouths!

NOTE:  For all of you crafters out there, be sure to keep these buttons separate from your craft buttons.  You don’t want to use one of your extra clothing buttons on a project and not have it when you really need it!

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