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Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding is so important and offers healthy benefits to your newborn.  It can be scary and/or difficult, but it’s worth it for your child.  It’s very important to place your baby at your breast as soon as possible after delivery.  Talk with your doctor about your plan before hand, so they are aware of what you want and can help you.  While at the hospital, you can request to speak with a Lactation Specialist to observe your technique and to give guidance before you leave the hospital.  It is important that you achieve the Proper Latch, so ask your Lactation Specialist to assist you with that as well.  This will make things a lot smoother for you when you return home and have to do things on your own.  If you find that things are difficult in the beginning, limit visitors for a bit just so you and your newborn can connect and get on a schedule.  Naturally, mother’s and their babies will form a sleep and eat schedule, so listen to each other and it will happen.  Also, try to avoid pacifiers in the beginning, unless told otherwise by your doctor.  You don’t want your newborn to get used to the pacifier before he is used to your breast.

Babies prefer a rapid flow over a low flow, so they might take to the bottle of breast milk over your actual breast.  Try not to get discouraged by this.  It is still very important for your baby to breastfeed.  You will build a bond and it will help your flow increase.  If your baby starts to cry or scream before breastfeeding, calm him down by rocking or soothing him.  Once he stops, you can begin to breastfeed.  If you need to, you can try to use your fingers to start his sucking and then move him to your breast.  It’s important that you bring baby to your nipple height to avoid back and shoulder pain for you.  There are a variety of positions to try, so take some time to see what works best for you and stick with that.  If you feel pain, gently detach, rest for a second, and then try again.  Most of all, enjoy this special time with your baby!

This information was gathered from PregnancyInfo.net.

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