Jun, 09

Baby Tip 2 | Burping Baby

Baby Tip 2: I became an auntie for the first time on June 10th at 6:07pm!  My nephew Elijah was born as healthy as could be and we are all so blessed.  While at the hospital, we met a nurse from New York named Bonnie.  She was so full of information and she shared a little burping trick with us and swears that is works!  So, usually when burping a baby, you pat and rub their lower back just behind their belly button to push any air bubbles out.  Sometimes this doesn’t work so try gently rubbing the top of your baby’s head (being sure not to push on the soft spot) and it should relax them enough to make them burp.  It’s supposed to be like a massage – it will loosen your baby up to help release the air.  Many women have come back and told Bonnie that it really works.  So give it try!

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