Jul, 12

{a list of…} Things to Pack

The making process is complete and now I’m packing for tomorrows big Market.  Last night I packed up everything that I could think of and decided to sleep on it to see if I had forgotten anything.  So far so good.  Here is my list of things to take…

  1. Roblin Tees, Toys, Paintings, Onesies and Hoop Art
  2. Hair Bows + Headbands
  3. Quilts
  4. Totes
  5. Glitter Pins
  6. Upcycled Envelopes
  7. 3 Tables (1 large, 2 small)
  8. 1 clothing rack
  9. Table cloths
  10. Mini Suitcases + Crate
  11. Tent + Weights
  12. 2 Chairs
  13. Snacks + Drinks
  14. Supply Bin: business cards, scissors, tape, string, pens, markers, clothes pins, bags, lint roller, dust rag, paper
  15. Mirror
  16. Wet Wipes
  17. Stool
  18. Change $$$
  19. iPad + Square
  20. 2-wheeler

I think that’s about everything that I can think of right now.  Yikes!  That’s a lot of stuff for one day but totally worth it!  I hope your Friday is a wonderful one and I hope to see some of you tomorrow! ♥r

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