Jul, 13

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge // No.4, 5, 6, + 7


So, I slacked on posting these selfies this weekend, but I did take a photo each day – yay!  I’m sticking to this.  This past weekend was a fun one.  Friday afternoon, Ron surprised me with flowers and a date night!  We went to eat at HuHut, which is a local Mongolian BBQ place where you fill up your bowl and they cook it for you.  We sipped on Cherry and Vanilla Sprites while we chatted some, and them we grabbed som Froyo and watch a local bad play in an out-door concert.  It was the most wonderful date night.  Ron’s really great at doing things “just because.”  He doesn’t wait for a reason to celebrate – I love that about him.

Then, Saturday Ron and I had another date-night and went to the local drive-in.  He made us cheesy-hotdogs with chips, and he packed popcorn, tea and all of the wonderful candies that you could think of.  We made it through all three movies!  I admit, we both dozed a few times, but never enough to miss what was happening.  I’m usually lucky if I make it half way through the second movie.  Getting to the drive-in was crazy this time.  Usually we drive right in, set up and wait for the show.  This time, we waited in line for over an hour and when we got to the gate, we were the first of the last three cars that they were letting in.  Sold out!  We were lucky to get in and find a great parking spot, and we were thrilled to see the drive doing so well.

Sunday, I went to Ikea with a lovely friend and her daughter, ran some errands and then finished off the day with some shopping and peeking at the progress of the house.  Oh!  Ron treated me to a new pair of the Nike+ 5.0 running shoes.  I’m so excited to lace ’em up and hit the pavement!  Anyone else have a pair?

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