Dec, 10

{wedding wednesday} vol.2

Above image: (top to bottom) Photo by Ashley Turner | Photographer; Jessica Lynn’s Plum Shoes; Ashliegh Jayne Photography; Yellow-Green Heels | Ciro Photography; Cachic Design; Teal Shoes | Sarah Rhodes Photographer

I simply love color and it seems that the latest bridal style does too!  What better way to make a lasting impression.  I mean, the color of these shoes really pop against the white gown.  I really wish I would have thought of this 2 years ago.  If I had, I think I would have chosen some gold glittery heels.  I had the traditional white, white turned out beautiful, but this would have been so fun!  I do love my white shoes more now though, because my mom and I had to search everywhere (and drive a long distance) to find the perfect ones that I had envisioned.

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  1. circe

    hi robbie. i see you love paper! i am a paper artist and one simply can never have enough paper. also you love birds? a feel good story for you. i often ride the train here in the verde valley and there are birds everywhere, but many eagles in particular. not long ago, i was riding and we came upon a juvenile female bald. she was injured and actually, near death. we took her to game and fish and she received wonderful care. although she can’t go back to the wild, she lives in her own aviary and has grown into a healthy, lovely spokesbird for animal conservation. she visits schools and so on. now and again she comes on the train with her handler and makes a big impact on the tourists–a really positive experience for them. her name is sonora. i just thought you might like to hear about how she was saved and now enjoys her life. as said, she will depend on the wildlife people around–her wing was badly injured. she flys well but will never be able to hunt. still, sonora is a profound symbol to us and i wanted you to meet her. hope you enjoyed it. yours, circe. may i ask a question? i am told you are native american. please, what tribe? i am pawnee and scottish. crazy, but fun. enjoyed your site tremendously.

  2. RobbieLee

    Hey Circe,

    Thanks for sharing that story… I love happy endings. Birds are such amazing creatures.

    Do you have a link to your paper art? I’d love to see it. Also, I am indeed Native American. I’m a mix of Ute and Apache, as well as, Dutch. 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing and stopping by. I hope to see you back here real soon. 🙂



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