Jul, 12

Thinking About Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season (and not just because it’s my Birthday Season – but it helps!) and lately it seems like that’s all I can think about.  I love Summer too, but since our boat has been in the shop for so long, I think that’s why I’m thinking so much about what to make and do this Fall.  It’s been sad that we haven’t spent almost every weekend at the lake like we used to, but the shop can’t seem to figure out the issue.  So we are left to find other ways to occupy our time, hahaha.

Fall is beautiful here in Colorado, and if you’ve never seen the trees change here, add it to your bucket list, because it’s breathtaking.  People come from all over to the mountains to see the spectacle, and I think it’s just as beautiful in our own neighborhood.  I love the cool chill in the air paired with gloomy days where I can bundle up in one of my many pea coats and a cup of hot coco.  Bliss.  Another favorite part of Fall is Halloween!  One of my absolute favorite holidays!  This is where my sketchbook is bursting at the seams, because I have filled it with many fun DIY projects to share.  I can’t wait!  Since I won’t be doing any craft shows this August and September, I’ll be working on those and I’m pretty excited!

This past Saturday night, Meghan, from Pleasantly Plump Knits, and I had a craft night together.  We had such a great time each making a tote out of scrap fabric.  We ended up chatting more than sewing, and we are finding out that we have a lot in common.  I “met” Meghan back in December of last year on Instagram and found out that she was moving to Colorado with her hubby and two puggies.  Once she moved and got settled we met up for coffee + tea (at Starbucks of course) and immediately hit it off!  It was like I had known her for a long time and we just chatted about everything.  Since then, we’ve found out that our husbands have a lot in common, too, which makes it even better!  In fact, the fellas had a game night together while we crafted on Saturday.  So cute.

Meghan and I chatted about Fall and some projects that we’d like to work on, which inspired me even more.  I can’t wait for her to see the trees change, it’s truly beautiful.  But until then, I’ll soak up as much sun as I can and hope that our boat is fixed in time to go out at least once on the lake before Fall. ♥rl

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