Aug, 12

So Many Things + Not Enough Time

This past week I’ve been busy filling orders, writing down all of my creative ideas and attending lots of family and friend events.  It’s been crazy!  August has always been a busy month for us over here, so I knew this was coming, but sheesh.  It’s extremely important to me that I keep a happy and healthy balance between Chickiedee and my personal life.  I don’t ever want to be that girl who pushes all of her family and friends to the side so that I can focus on work and work alone.  So to keep that balance, I have to work hard at managing my time, because there just isn’t enough of it in a day.

I’m a huge multitasker, and although I’m not always the best at it, it’s a very important part of my time management.  I like to know that I can get two things done at once and not have to let anything fall through the cracks.  For example, I love putting in a load of laundry while I sew or talking on the phone while I clean.  It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something B I G.  With that said, I know when not to multitask, as well.  Certain things need my undivided attention, like a birthday party for a loved one, or a rush order that needs to get out ASAP.  Managing my time and doing it well is something that I’m always going to have to think about, and that’s okay, because I’m doing what I love and it’s worth it.  Even if I have to pull a few all nighters to get it all done, I will.

On that note, I’ve been filling up my idea books like crazy!!!  I have so many fun projects to share for the Fall.  I’m motivated to work on a few of them this week as I prepare for the best season of the year.  Ahhh… I just love Fall. ♥R

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