Nov, 09

There’s a new Private in town…

Cpl. Molly, the Marines Mascot of 7 years, is retiring and letting 7 month old Pvt. Belleau Wood step in.

{Molly the mascot of Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego}

{Belleau Wood (left) the new mascot of Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (Molly Right)}

This is a tradition that goes back to 1939 with an English bulldog named James Jolly Plum Duff.  Belleau, this little “bundle of bounce,” was named after a World War I battle in France, and is already showing signs of that Marine Corps grit. ” ‘She’s really hardheaded on certain stuff,’ said Cpl. Shawn Dickens, her Marine handler.  For instance, ‘sit’ is solid. ‘Stay,’ well, that’s another tale.”  As for Molly, she will live her retirement in Texas with a Marine officer.

Happy Veterans’ Day to everyone and thank you to all of our brave troops for defending our country with pride.  We love you all and hope you all come home soon!  To my great friend, Sgt. Matthew Grogan, please be safe and we’ll see you for the Holidays!

Information gathered from Signon San Diego and The Poodle (and dog) Blog

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  1. Stephanie

    Awwwww, that’s just cute and precious and awesome at the same time.

    Happy Vet’s Day!

  2. RobbieLee

    Thanks Stephanie! Happy Veterans’ Day to you too!


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