Oct, 13

Temporarily Without Internet

I have so much to share on the last and final week of the building process, but we won’t be able to get internet, cable or phone until Oct. 30th.  That was the soonest that Comcast could get us in.  So, I will be sharing the {Life Lately} Week 25 post next week when I can upload my photos to the blog.  Until then, I’ll be busy unpacking and trying to get settled.  I can’t wait to get my studio space in working condition.  Especially since my mom and I have a craft show coming up in about two weeks!  After I get the kitchen and our closet situated, I’ll focus on my studio so that I can get in there and work, work, work.  I have so many fun DIY projects and posts to share once most things are in order.  Have a great week and I’ll see you on Instagram, Twitter, FB and Pinterest (through my iPhone – since I’ll have no internet) until then!

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