Dec, 13

8th Annual Cookie Swap


Another wonderful Cookie Swap wrapped up today.  I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful ladies in my life that make this event happen each year.  We had a solid 12 participants this year, can you believe it?!  Since there were so many, we decided to make a 1/2 dozen for each person, rather than a full dozen.  That seemed to work out nicely.  My mom was so sweet and surprised me with a cookie recipe book for my hostess gift.  I’ve already started browsing through the pages in search of next years recipe.  I can’t wait!



Now I’m going to go and eat one of every cookie, so if you’ll excuse me… haha!

Sep, 12

{diy} rice cakes 3 ways

Today I thought I’d share an easy way to mix up your healthy snacking by sharing rice cakes 3 ways.  Rice cakes can be described as “cardboard-like” or “flavorless,” but they don’t have to be.  With a few simple ingredients you can transform your boring rice cakes into a healthy snack that you look forward to!  The possibilities are endless, so play around with what you have in the pantry and I bet you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.  For these 3 variations, I used lightly salted rices cakes, but you can use whatever flavor you’d like.  Each cake is only about 35 cal, so depending on your choice in toppings, you can fill up on little calories.

Jul, 12

{diy} jam butter

I love magazines and Country Living has to be my current favorite.  They always share so many lovely recipes and crafts and I try a lot of them.  This time I tried to make some jam butter with my mom’s homemade raspberry jam.  For some reason mine didn’t come out as fluffy as I had pictured, but it sure does taste wonderful!  You can find the recipe here and it really would make a great house-warming gift.  Let me know if you try it! ♥r

Jul, 12

{diy} Goat Cheese Pizza

Saturday was a much-needed rainy day here, so we decided to try this recipe that I found on Pinterest the other day.  It came out so good and I highly recommend it!  Basically it’s pesto, tomatoes, mushrooms and goat cheese all spread out on pizza dough… so yum!  Check it out here for the full recipe and how too and let me know what you think! ♥r

May, 11

2-Ingredient Fruit Rolls!

Oh my, the Mr. would go ape-wild over these super simple 2-ingredient fruit rolls!  You won’t believe how easy they are to make until you check it out for yourself over at Just A Taste.

Apr, 11

{humpday tutorial} Sweet Sugar Belle Cookies

Oh my goodness these are cute!  Sweet Sugar Bellegives you complete step-by-step instructions on how to create these lovelies for a baby shower or birthday party.  The tutorial images are stunning!

Mar, 11

Gotta Make These!

Good morning and happy Saturday!  I found these the other day and really wanted to share them with you.  I have not made them yet, but really NEED to.  That’s right, I NEED to.  This recipe marries two of the greatest cookies of all time into one… pure bliss.  My husband and I have “cookies ‘n milk” every single night after dinner… No joke.  Ron will tell you otherwise, because he is a bit embarrassed that we do it.  He’s trying to cut his weight a bit for an upcoming judo competition, so you probably won’t hear him admit this anytime soon.  It is our weakness.  We usually eat Oreo’s and milk most nights, but when we have others in the house, like mom’s chocolate chip cookies, we will gladly eat those too!

It’s a sick sick addiction that we’ve created, but it’s become a tradtion in our home.  We’ve been doing it for years now.  Anyhoo, check these tantalizing Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies out and the full recipe over at Very Culinary right now!

Aug, 10

all things blue…berries

Blueberries are fantastic by themselves, but they are great additives to so many different recipes as well!  I know they can be messy for the kiddos, but kids love them (parents do too)!  Here are a few blueberry recipes that I just adore

This Blueberry Tart recipe yields about 12 servings at 200 per serving.  There are no exotic ingredients here, in fact, you probably have the majority of ingredients in your pantry!

This Old-fashioned Blueberry Whip is so yummy! It takes about 3 to 3 1/2 hours from start to finish, but it’s worth the effort.  Plus, it yields about 4o servings!!!  I think these are best served in mini crystal bowls for a baby or bridal shower.

I have not tried this Blueberry Lemon Loaf with Lemon Glaze… yet, but I plan to!  It looks so good and moist.

These Australian Blueberry Biscut Scones are too perfect for the kiddos, not to mention great portion control size for mommy.  🙂

Who doesn’t need a Blueberry Brain Boost Smoothie for breakfast?!  This recipe is full of fresh fruit and the walnuts of course are optional if allergies exist.

Let me know if you try any of these, I’d love to hear what you think!

Jun, 10

Great Italian Soda Recipe!

I finally found the best way to make an Italian Soda!!!  Jessica at Zakka Life shares the simplest and tastiest way on her blog, so check it out and make some for the family today!  The best part is that they are so inexpensive to make for any occasion!  Enjoy!

Apr, 10

Easter Recipes

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I thought we would celebrate with treats instead of tricks, since Easter is right around the corner.  I thought it might be helpful and inspiring to gather up a few delicious recipes from Real Simple to share with you and your family.  Enjoy!


1.  Sweet Pea and Mint Soup
2. Carrot Soup
3. Lemon Iced Tea
4.  Goat Cheese Bruschetta
5.  Raspberry-Rhubarb Tart
6.  Cucumber and Lime Spritzer
7.  Sparkling Pineapple Ginger Ale
8.  Spring Pea Salad

9.  Easy Key Lime Pie
10. Easy Chai Tea