Mar, 12

New Shoes!

I had to share my new shoes with you!  I’m normally not a heel wearing diva, but I love the way they look.  My mom bought me the b+w houndstooth heels and I got the brown ones this past weekend.  I’ve always oogled over pretty heels, but I just never feel like I have that many places to wear them… wedges can be dressed down easier that regular heels (in my opinion), so maybe things will change around here?  Ha!  Anyhoo, I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday! ♥RobbieLee

2 Responses to “New Shoes!”

  1. Sam

    these. are. AWESOME! I’m totally jealous. My sister just got an amazing pair of wedges and now wedges are all I can think about!

  2. RobbieLee

    I know, right?! I feel the same way. Wedges are totally cute! Plus, the bonus for me is that its a reduced risk of catching my heel on something and falling on my face… hahaha! Thanks for stopping by, Sam!


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