Jul, 12


Ello!  So, over the past couple of months, I’ve had several of you ask for me to share more about myself.  I have to apologize, because at first I thought I was sharing lots about myself, but at a second glance I realized that I wasn’t sharing as much as I really wanted to.  I mean, I share what I do and what I like, but not much about myself (photos, stories, adventures, etc.).  A few of you have asked for me to share some of my outfits, as well.  I’ve been told that you’ve seen glimpses of them, but you’d like to see more.  That sounds fun to me!  So, I’ve decided to start a {sunday best} post which will share just that, my Sunday Best outfit with you.  It’ll be a weekly feature every Sunday sharing one of my outfits, starting this Sunday.

I’ve also been asked to share more about my creative process.  So, I’ll be sure to share more peeks into projects that I’m working on and things like that.  I love this idea, and thank you for helping me realize that I fell into a bit of a rut where I thought I was doing one thing, but really doing another.  You all are so great and I thank you for your continued support in Chickiedee. ♥rl

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