Jul, 11

Mini Farmer’s Market

Today started off nicely by the dogs allowing me to sleep in until 8am!!!  Oh my goodness, I have not slept past 6:30am in over 3 years now.  The dogs are on a schedule, I suppose.  Then we got ready and went to a local Farmer’s Market where they had some lovely Colorado products.  We first browsed around to scope out what we wanted to buy, then we went for it!  We ended up leaving with a bundle of fresh radishes (yummy), a pound of pickling cucumbers (to make my great grandpa proud), apricots, Jalapeno hot sauce, soy-based sauce, an avocado for our sammy’s, and some homemade and freshly-poured Root Beer!!!

I think the best part of it all for me, was when the guy poured the root beer from the barrel it was made in, into brown bottles and topped them off with a cork!  How lovely!

Now I’m spending the day updating the blog and shop.  I think I’ll take a stab at pickling tomorrow or Wednesday.  I’ll let you know how that goes 🙂  Happy Sunday!


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