Oct, 12

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(This image was taken with my iPhone prior to his first little surgery)

Sheesh!  It’s been a rough week for my poor little Brutus James.  On Wednesday I had to take him into the vet for a minor surgery on his chin and mouth!  This was very unexpected and I’m not exactly sure what happened, but Tuesday evening he had a bleeding chin and went into hiding.  He currently has a drain in his chin that will be removed today and closed up with a few stitches.  Then on Thursday I noticed that his eye was protruding out to the point where he couldn’t blink!  I rushed him to emergency where they preformed another 2.5 hr. surgery and stitched his eye closed!  By doing that, they hope that this will save his eye and sight.  They think the infection from his chin was realated.  Poor little guy.  He’s been through so much in just a few days.  He’s currently on 5 different medications that have to be given at particular times in a particular order… so confusing.  And I really do have the best hubby.  He’s been so helpful and comforting to Brutus and I both.  I’m convinced that Brutus will pull through, because he’s a strong boy.  He has his follow-up appointment this afternoon, so I’ll keep you posted on his status.

In other unrelated news, I’m pretty excited for the mailman to come within the next couple of days because I ordered a new lighting kit and a few other small items!  With the Colorado winter rolling in, I needed a way to take high-quality photos inside.  I currently have a home-made lighting kit, but the lights that I have get so hot that they actually melt my clay-mations if I don’t stop for breaks.  Eek!  It’s a pretty large kit, so I’m still thinking on where I’ll be setting it all up and if it will stay in that location permanently or not.  Decisions.  I also ordered a few goodies for our Halloween party and a little something for myself.  I met some huge goals recently and treated myself to a special gift.

Poor Meghan was sick last week, so we cancelled our Sunday Craft Day and rescheduled it for tomorrow.  It actually worked out since my back was killing me.  We’ll be making our Halloween costumes and posting about them shortly after.  I’m sure we’ll be Instagraming along the way, too!  We’re addicted.  And by that I mean seriously a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d.  Back in July Meghan and I were at a Rockies game with the hubbies and as we were trying to Instagram, it froze up and we couldn’t share anything!  We went through withdraws for a few hours until the glitch was fixed.  Major relief.

Anyhoo, my back is slowly feeling better.  Thank you for all of your kind wishes.  Since I’ve been more mobile, I ventured (briefly) to the store to buy some cute fabric for a few new projects.  I hope your Saturday is treating you well.  Be sure to do something fun today!

Oh!  I have a really wonderful {studio sunday} scheduled for tomorrow, so definitely grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!


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