Sep, 12

The Leaves are Changing

This Saturday will mark the official first day of Fall (even though Starbucks and I have been celebrating since September 1st), haha.  This past weekend Ron and I drove up through Kenosha Pass on our way to a fundraiser in Como, Colorado.  The drive was breathtaking, as usual.  If you’ve never been to the mountains in Colorado while the leaves are changing, you should definitely add it to you Bucket List.  The Aspens change from a bright green to a shimmery-golden color that seems to engulf the hills and mountains.  Lovely.

You have to love the photo that Ron took of me (above)… what a face, huh?!  I’m sharing this photo because I started out smiling, all cute-like, of course (wink), when just as he snapped it, I spotted a hawk!  I was trying to figure out if it was a red-tailed hawk or a brown hawk.  So, I guess that’s what my thinking face looks like… and I think it was a brown hawk.

The little town of Como is so quiet and sweet.  There couldn’t have been more than 20 homes – most are empty.  They did get the road re-paved and they do have a cute little Mountain Man Gallery, so maybe they are growing?  I could see Ron and I with a little cabin there, just for mini vacations. heeheehee

The fundraiser was a lot of fun, too, and we ate way too much!  The strawberry cheesecake was may favorite part… other than all of the money raised of course!  Hahaha

For just being a mini road trip, it turned out to be a great one!  I just love Colorado and all that it has to offer.  Do you have any mini Fall trips scheduled? ♥R


4 Responses to “The Leaves are Changing”

  1. kate

    Looks like a great time! I love taking mini road trips too! A few weekends ago I went up island with my folks who were visiting. We ended up seeing dozens of totem poles and stopped by a lavender farm! What a fun and random time it was.

  2. RobbieLee

    Wow! What a an adventure! I’ve only seen totem poles when I was younger, and I’ve never been to a Lavender Farm before! I bet it smelled wonderful! I’m glad that you got to spend that time with your parents!!!

  3. Chrissy Sparks (Brush Dance)

    We *love* taking mini trips into the CO mountains… we think they are amazing too! Nothing compares!

  4. RobbieLee

    Agreed! We’re so lucky to live so close!


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