Jul, 12


Daydreaming is a wonderful thing and I do it a lot!  I’ve been so inspired these past couple of days that I’ve been in constant daydream mode, seriously.  I’m filling up my sketchbook so quickly that I’m about ready to start a new one (which I’m extremely excited about by the way, because my brother bought me a new one with little birdies on it!)  You know when I’m in major daydream mode when I don’t have any music, TV, or anything on as I move about the studio, house or wherever I am.  It can be sort of dangerous having this much inspiration running through my head, because I don’t remember what I was doing while in such deep thought… kind of scary!  I’m just soaking it all in right now and prepping for the Summer Horseshoe Market this Saturday.  It’s going to be a fun day with my mom and hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

I’ve also been inspired outside of the studio, too!  Secret – I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t have a pastry or culinary bone in my body, but I love to try new recipes!  They don’t always turn out as intended, but I have fun and I’m learning.  This past week, however, I surprised myself and actually turned out three great recipes that even looked somewhat like the photographs!  Nice, right?!  I feel like I want to be a master of all things creative and I won’t stop until I get there.  So, I’m riding this welcomed wave of inspiration and I’ll see where it takes me next.

What inspires you?  Does it send you into deep thought leaving you almost exhausted at the end?  Yup!  Me too!  Have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow! ♥r

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