Apr, 12

my inspiration boards…

Since today is a gloomy and snowy day here in Central Colorado, I’ve been feeling very creative and easily inspired by many things around me.  One of them being my inspiration boards that hang in my studio.  I recently updated them and can’t stop glancing over.  I love having these boards to pin things like cute outfits, things I want to do, goals, memories, inspiring stories and little gifts from those I love.  It’s important that I surround myself with these lovely things to keep me feeling motivated.  I constantly want to move forward, but not before enjoying the moment.  These boards help me do that.  I’m constantly adding things here and there, too! 

How about you? Do you have an inspiration board (besides Pinterest… ha)!?

Thanks for stopping by! ♥RobbieLee

p.s. the lovely arrows are from Hello Vanny!

4 Responses to “my inspiration boards…”

  1. Anna

    I like your sweet memories……Our reuion is coming up soon!

    • RobbieLee

      I know, can you believe it?! We are getting so old!

  2. Vanessa

    Glad you liked them!<333

    • RobbieLee

      Oh yes! I love them! Thank you so much!

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