Jan, 10

{Giveaway} No.1

So, I’ve been wanting to do a Giveaway for sometime now and I thought to myself, “It’s the beginning of a new year and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  This is a great time!”  I think you all will really like this one too, because I sure do! It’s a Chickiedee Original one-of-a-kind Red and White Striped Bib with a soft white fleece back.  It’s super absorbent and great for Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Christmas and more!

Giveaway-RedWhiteBib{Here’s how to enter}:

There are 2 ways to enter and you can do both if you’d like or just 1, but you have a max of 2 entries.

1.  Comment in this post telling why you’d like to have this adorable little bib and who you plan on giving it to for 1 entry.
2.  Tweet about this post and comment back here with your Twitter ID for 1 entry. (Our Twitter ID is @chickiedeebaby)

We will randomly select a winner on January 31 and announce the winner here on our Blog on February 1!  Remember to do each comment separately for 2 chances to win.  Once we select the winner, we will contact you for your shipping address and information, so remember to provide a valid email address (which remains hidden from the public).  Good luck!

9 Responses to “{Giveaway} No.1”

  1. Tracy Rutz

    I would love to give this to my adorable five month old. It would be extra special to have something from our amazing former nanny. She is truly talented and one of the most caring people I know!

  2. Stephanie

    I think it would be super cute to give this precious bib to my little 2 month old son. He’s going to be hitting the dreaded “teething” stage soon and it would be nice to have a precious little bib to accomodate all his drooling. Especially one that works so perfectly for such beautiful holidays.

  3. Joe

    It would be great to present my baby (due next month) with this wonderful bib. Sofia would love to show of to all her soon-to-be friends rocking a stylish red and white mess catcher.


    I think this adorable bib made by a very special angel would look sooooooooo good on a precious little angel named Ella who is one. And I’m sure it would even look great on two other special angels named Jasmine & Ayden. Ages 7 & 3yrs. LOL

  5. Mariah Wood

    I have a wonderful sister-in-law that has over the last few years become one of my best friends. When she first found out she was pregnant she was terrified but the minute she she heard the heart beat she fell in love. She isn’t expecting until June but I would love for her to have the opportunity to recieve this beautifully crafted bib for her and her baby. You may forever be reminded of the first moment you fell inlove with your baby but I think little keep sakes (even bibs) can help bring about those wonderful moments. In the spirit of Valentines I think this bib would be a great present that will giving her even more excitement for the love that will changer her life. Red is for love and white is for forever!

  6. Hip Mountain Mama

    This is very cute! I have a few expecting friends that would love this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Annette De Leon

    I have a son thats a single dad.He has his baby girl more then 50 percent of the time. He is totally new to the baby thing.I have been telling him time and again that she really needs a bib at all times ..Well being new at this he forgets to get her one and its ruining her cothes.thank for your time to listen to my frustrations..’Lol. …..signed new grandmother~

  8. Mandy

    I am a single mom and full time student with THREE close friends due with babies this spring. I loooove the Chickidee line and would love to gift this bib to one of my new mom friends! Even if I don’t win, you can bet I’ll be buying some of your great items when I’m back to work. I love supporting local business!

  9. Toni

    I have a grandson Eli that would proudly wear and advertise for his Auntie the designer of Chickiedee. At this time in his life a bib is as necessary as a diaper with his teething. All the items here are one of a kind just like he is. Elijah would and could be a walking advertisement for this line in this case a crawling advertisement.


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