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emergency doggie travel kit | road trip


blogpost_dogcarkit2-numbers4Ok, so my husband and I went on a small road trip last weekend to Fairplay, Colorado and we took our two Blue Heeler pups along for the ride.  Well, our youngest pup, Tucker Bean, gets car/motion sickness really bad.  I made sure not to feed him right before the trip and I purchased some Anxiety Reducer for Travel (I liked the kind in the tube vs. the tablet, Tucker just liked it off my finger and loved it!) from Petco thinking we would be okay.  All of a sudden Tucker starts drooling everywhere and pacing.  Then he begins to poo as he’s pacing!  My husband, Ron, had to pull over IMMEDIATELY without crashing.  We opened the back of our Jeep Liberty to find that Frankie Li, our 1 year old pup, had just stepped in her brother’s poo!  There we are on the side of the highway with a handful of tissues to clean the mess and nothing else!  We did the best we could and drove to a gas station so we could finish the cleanup and wash our hands. I ALWAYS have a bottle of hand sanitizer, but I switched purses and didn’t bring it along. When we opened the back of the Jeep again, we found that Tucker had vomited all over the back! Right then and there I said, “I’m creating a doggie car kit!”  This is what I put in mine:

  1. Doggie Toys to keep your pups busy on long trips like these Boots & Barkley from Target
  2. Lint Roller like this one from Scotch
  3. Hand Sanitizer I thought I’d try this spray kind from Target
  4. Tissues, paper towels (I like Viva because their super soft and absorbant), napkins
  5. Antibacterial wipes to clean your hands or the inside of your car
  6. Doggie bones for your pooch to nibble on like these ones from Pedigree
  7. Towels, wash cloths, or Chickiedee’s absorbant burp cloths (I use them for Tucker’s drooling in the car)
  8. Pet Carpet & Upholstery cleaner.  I like Odoban because it smells fabulous and you don’t have to wait 5 minutes before you wipe up the mess.  I purchased an empty travel spray bottle and filled it with the Odoban Carpet & Upholstery cleaner and added it to my kit.

Some other things in my doggie car kit are: doggie poo bags, plastic grocery sacks for trash and clean-up, puppy-potty mats to lay down wherever your pup is in the car, and a doggie water bowl with a water bottle of fresh water for your pup to drink.  All of this can be put into a small bag or box of any kind that you have laying around the house.

I hope that you will find this useful and never end up unprepares like we were!

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